wellies back


I'm back - I hope for good.. I've been missing my little blogging world.  how are we all..?

i'm good.. not going to lie have had a funny couple of weeks.. but i think I'm over it. my funny turn I have decided was caused by the lose of my engagement ring as it was being resized.. it arrived back yesterday and I have to say since then i've been feeling a lot more like myself. the power of the ring!

wedding wise i'm still cool - am i the only one..? - i've very much got the attitude of what will be will be.. even though today we've had a bit of a blow.. not going to talk about it yet as I don't want it to be real.. and i'm still very positive it will all turn out all right! I have got to start thinking wedding bit's again though as the time is flying by! was all alone and ill over bank holiday as the boy was away and i did catch myself giggling in the window practicing my wedding walk.. it's going to be so serial.. i think i'll be a mixture of laughing and crying! haven't played that game for years and it did make the wedding seem a lot more real and i guess more about the day and less about the decorating! arrr I'm so excited.

back to now life.. what a lovely couple of days we've had! we celebrated the warmth with our first bbq at lunch. pork burgers with all the trimming and some yummy sausages thrown into the mix.. bbq was nearly ruined by naughty dogs (Dave and Lewis) deciding to make a break for freedom and go bunny hunting a field away... they we're finally reined in after a lot of calling and walking around they were then locked in the loo as punishment!

anyway it's Friday night so it's curry night.. we've just finished work so must run. off to lon-di-lion for a friends birthday.. bring on the lemongrass cocktails! woop woop.. see you next week..

naughty dogs


mum and dads garden in full bloom..



  1. It's curry night here. You are right the power of the ring. Enjoy the sun!

  2. Yay wellies, was becoming concerned that you'd become ill from inhaling dead creatures under your office and alas you were ill and on your own they worst type. You should have shouted I'd have sent lots of virtual hugs and sweet tea.

    The power of the ring - is that like he-man the power of Grayskull?

    have a wonderful weekend in the big smoke and tell us all about it on your return.

  3. Your parent's garden is stunning! So pretty...

  4. I keep ending up on your blog, loving it and then forget to tell you. So I'm telling you now, I love your blog. Guess I better become a follower to avoid anymore accidental encounters.