news just in...

oh my goodness look whats just arrived.

sooooooooooo long we have waited but finally it comes, and a day early! woop woop.. let's just hope this bad boy's worth the wait!

dad got a little distracted when the camera was on him and started practicing his wedding face... umm not quite there yet me thinks.. but his resemblance to a old harry potter is uncanny!


cosmic love

Florence + The Machine - Cosmic Love video

this was created by our clever friend Petra and i'd heard a little about the video but only just seen the outcome. i think it's come out beautifully.. what do you think..



good news..

so I have been quiet on the wedding front.. don't worry it's all still a go back stage i'm just finding it tricky juggling wedding, work and life at the moment! there's so much going on it's hard to write about one aspect! I think i may be a little bit behind on some bits and the list is definitely growing everyday rather than srinking but i'm still on the positive side..

the best news is though that I can get legally married in my ruin.. yay! for a while we were unsure whether we needed a special licence from the archbishop as it's not often used and doesn't have a roof. we always new the church was consecrated and i was christened there which helps in church eyes.. but the problem was it's not an everyday church and doesn't have it's own registrar book - or so we thought.. turns out the church's name is on the registrar stored in the everyday local church with roof.. therefor we can get married legally there!

big sigh of relief! even though we would of still of held the service there we might of had to run down to the church down the road and do it all again.. hassle! so this is really really good news as I can now have my wedding on top of the hill.. well if it's not torrential rain.. but we'll deal with that if it comes!

I love this ruin so much.. from the age of 5 i have lived on the farm and have grown up with the ruin being a place of play, a sanctuary and a symbol of home. i'm so lucky to have a place like this and even more lucky to be able to hold the most important day there..

so next on the list... invites!


once in a life time...

where would you go?

answers below would be appreciated.. i'm all in a honeymoon whirl! departing end september early october.. can't wait to hear your thoughts.. x


while we're a working..

Dave's a ratting...

oh to spend all day staring a pipes instead of working.. but to do that I'd have to be a dog!.. umm pleased someones having fun though.. I think he had been staring at these pipes for a good couple of hours just in case something came out.. better ratting than bunny hunting..


baby shower

so this how dave and i spent our sunday.. surrounded by lot's of lovely ladies eating yummy food playing games and taking photos of babies.. this was all in honor of my sister in law who is due to have her first baby on the 7th June.. getting so close now and bets are on as to what it will be.. woop woop aunty wellies here i come!

jelly babies...

david had a lovely time with the babies.. he adores them.. I think because they're more his size.. very cute..


thank you all so much for your lovely anniversery messages.. I love that photo of us - to be fair it's one of the only ones I've got - we'd just brought and moved into our new house and were so happy at the time..  the boy hates it but as it's my blog I get to pick the pictures I want to use..

I have to say I was a little brief on our meeting story.. there was also a lot of stalking that went on on my behalf.. constant coffee's in the uni bar.. walks vaguely around where I'd seen him before.. but hey ho it played off. what I find mostly spooky about us getting together was a year before we'd meet, spoken or even knew his name I'd seen him in the uni bar (with his then girlfriend) and had casually giggled to my friend that that was the man I was going to marry.. crazy huh!

anyway we had a lovely evening eating yummy fish here even though it was touch and go if we got there or not as our car's bonnet decided it wasn't going to shut after a bit of water fillage.. hey ho.. got there in the end and had a lovely time.. just had to find a different car!

so busy busy.. last week was an endless nightmare of work work work. have got a couple of things to show for it which i'll tell you more about later on in the week.. I also had a lovely and very productive weekend of gardening, baking and hosting a baby shower.. gardening was nothing but painful.. I took on some very large bramble hedges and think I just about won.. even though my arms and wrists tell a different story.. hey ho my own fault for letting the farm next door creep and dominate our unloved hedge to the point of no return.. for the baby shower I went down a grown up tea party theme with pink and blue food colouring playing a large role.. I wanted to take lovely food blog photo's with step to step process but as always was running crazy late and instead of being in baking bliss was in a crazy race against time. managed to get a few snaps and have some more of the party to show you later.

ps.. macaroons are as hard as they say to make.. lost my first batch of pink ones due to under cooking.. even though the results are YUM so are definitely worth a go! if not quite as refined as they were meant to be!


7 years...

so 7 years ago i went out on my first date with the boy.. I arrived an hour early - called to see what time we were meeting and sheepishly went back home.. when we did meet he talked and I was silent.. he asked me out at the bus stop we kissed and the rest as they say is history.


reading and writing..

well as you may of noticed I suffer with dyslexia.. i have to say you've all been very kind and not said anything about my shocking writing, grammar and spelling.. even though my mother and family do occasionally. it's alright i'm used to laughing at myself and spelling.. trophy will always be know as troffie in my family.. and besides they're all just as bad!

anyway it is rubbish and it is a big pain.. i can't see the mistakes, even when i read through it twenty times.. which I do.. I just can't seem to catch them. it means that writing wise i'm pretty screwed especially when trying to write professionally to clients.. my broken english and dot dot dot's don't cut the mustard. i've always know I've had it and my friends have always lovingly referred to it as "wellies* english" and say it's cute which is very sweet of them besides so many other people suffer from it i've never felt stupid because of it. at school there was always the fuss buss club (please tell me someone else had this..?) which were amazing blue animals books.. i wasn't good enough to do the ladybird and red hat or whatever it was.. my mum can always remember picking me and some other friends up from school.. they were going on about what books they were reading and i just quietly said that I could tie my shoelaces which non of them could.. you see always look on the bright side! anyway rambling...  reading and writing.. it was cool.. I had my extra time in exams and my test's that told me at the age of 18 I had the reading age of a 11 year old - great! but I got through and did good.. besides I always had my art, sport and drama.. who needs maths and english!

the one thing that my dyslexia did hold me back on however was reading.. i never did it.. we would be reading in class a paragraph or a chapter and everyone was so quick.. they would be finished and I wasn't even halfway through! so i just didn't bother.. i would say i'd done it and that was that.. because of this I always asumed that I didn't like reading.. but I was so wrong.. i love it.

i only started when i was 20 and heading into work everyday on the tube.. i would read trashy £1 celebrity mags everyday and found myself getting a little board. the first book i read was by a norfolk novelist and diary based which was perfect as it had short chapters that weren't intimidating.. then i read the da vinci code recommended by a friend.. and I haven't stopped since! every night and morning I have a little read.. i am slow.. but I get there in the end and enjoy it all the way which I suppose what matters!

I'm currently reading Jane Eyre.. i've been stuck in a Georgette Hayer rut (please don't be mean about her.. I love her and her novels!) so am coming out of it with a similar, and superior classical theme.. to be honest it was the only thing on the book shelf that I hadn't read.. our book shelf is not vast! but i'm loving it and can't put it down.. i also love reading the classics as I feel i've got so much to catch up on!

so yes i pledge to read the printed word.. but just a little more slowly than other people.

please if you have any great, must read books you can suggest to me I'd love to know.. and thanks again for not pulling me up on my writing.. i know a lot of you have got keen eyes and often correct your comments because of it..

Read the Printed Word!

* real name normally used.. but even though I tell you everything.. somehow like the hidden name identity!


farm wedding in colour

as i seem to be focusing on farm weddings, i thought i'd continue the theme today. this one is divine.. one I love a bride who wear's colour.. and two there are cows!

I love her dress.. it has that girly, big dress, bridal softness but looks modern, retro and relevant all at the same time.. sometime's for me coloured dresses can look very evening but this one screams bridal. i'm also a big fan of the pale yellow especially teaming it with very cool greys for the groom and bridesmaid, for me a colour combo that goes so well.

the photographer, Di Bezi has also captured a real wildness of the setting with thees photos.. they're so natural, fun, wind swept and romantic. so beautiful, chic, cool and energetic..  love love love it.. hope you do too.

to see more click here..


1 0 0 .....

eeeeeekkkkkk 100 days till the big i do.. countdown has officially started.

even though we still have lots to do and organise.. i'm feeling very upbeat and positive about it all.. even though I should be thinking invites, website, wedding list, ties, flowers, presents.. and so much more.. I only seem to be thinking of perfect body and shoes!

perfect body is one step closer as we are now taking action going for lovely evening bike rides - oh I do love the country and long warm evenings.. even though bike rides are getting longer and level of fitness is shocking.. made it up the hill last night without crying so clearly I'm moving in right direction. diet has also been kick started by mum's chickens fresh eggs and green veg.. yeah for peas, sprouting broccoli and asparagus.. all delicious and perfect with poached egg and a drizzle of olive oil..  evenings a little more tricky but we're getting there.. chocolate is still a weakness, but sweet addiction has been dealt with!

shoes i have not found any anywhere.. and trust me I've been looking.. where are you shoes..? have got a few ideas so when I go and try on dress which will be june time i'll have a long thick about what will look best.. silly getting so caught up with them.. especially as I'll be in a long dress so they won't really be seen. hold wedding photos of bride holding up her dress showing beautiful shoes completely responsible for this state of mind!

anyway lot's to do and with a 100 days left all seems a little more real.. boy and I got the giggles yesterday about the fact we're doing this..


sexy bales

couldn't help giggling when i saw this so had to share!

so... straw bales will be used at my wedding.. but not quite like this.. i've never seen a farm wedding look quite so saucy.. amazing images though..

vogue nippon - March 2010 - anja rubik