1 0 0 .....

eeeeeekkkkkk 100 days till the big i do.. countdown has officially started.

even though we still have lots to do and organise.. i'm feeling very upbeat and positive about it all.. even though I should be thinking invites, website, wedding list, ties, flowers, presents.. and so much more.. I only seem to be thinking of perfect body and shoes!

perfect body is one step closer as we are now taking action going for lovely evening bike rides - oh I do love the country and long warm evenings.. even though bike rides are getting longer and level of fitness is shocking.. made it up the hill last night without crying so clearly I'm moving in right direction. diet has also been kick started by mum's chickens fresh eggs and green veg.. yeah for peas, sprouting broccoli and asparagus.. all delicious and perfect with poached egg and a drizzle of olive oil..  evenings a little more tricky but we're getting there.. chocolate is still a weakness, but sweet addiction has been dealt with!

shoes i have not found any anywhere.. and trust me I've been looking.. where are you shoes..? have got a few ideas so when I go and try on dress which will be june time i'll have a long thick about what will look best.. silly getting so caught up with them.. especially as I'll be in a long dress so they won't really be seen. hold wedding photos of bride holding up her dress showing beautiful shoes completely responsible for this state of mind!

anyway lot's to do and with a 100 days left all seems a little more real.. boy and I got the giggles yesterday about the fact we're doing this..


  1. Oh I remember that feeling. Think we are down to less than 80 days now. Eeeek. I'm dying for some British asparagus - we luurrrrrve it.

  2. YEA BABY!!!! fun fun fun!!!!