good news..

so I have been quiet on the wedding front.. don't worry it's all still a go back stage i'm just finding it tricky juggling wedding, work and life at the moment! there's so much going on it's hard to write about one aspect! I think i may be a little bit behind on some bits and the list is definitely growing everyday rather than srinking but i'm still on the positive side..

the best news is though that I can get legally married in my ruin.. yay! for a while we were unsure whether we needed a special licence from the archbishop as it's not often used and doesn't have a roof. we always new the church was consecrated and i was christened there which helps in church eyes.. but the problem was it's not an everyday church and doesn't have it's own registrar book - or so we thought.. turns out the church's name is on the registrar stored in the everyday local church with roof.. therefor we can get married legally there!

big sigh of relief! even though we would of still of held the service there we might of had to run down to the church down the road and do it all again.. hassle! so this is really really good news as I can now have my wedding on top of the hill.. well if it's not torrential rain.. but we'll deal with that if it comes!

I love this ruin so much.. from the age of 5 i have lived on the farm and have grown up with the ruin being a place of play, a sanctuary and a symbol of home. i'm so lucky to have a place like this and even more lucky to be able to hold the most important day there..

so next on the list... invites!


  1. Thats fab news; so glad you can get married where you want.

  2. Truly beautiful.

    My soon to be sister married in a ruin in February. Twas a bit chilly but we served hot chocolate before the ceremony. There was a little shower but totally worth it for the venue.

  3. Wowsers! That is so stunning.
    Lucky you to have such a personal connection to the place.

  4. Yay! That's brill news... oooh v excited for you now :)

  5. Congrats! What a gorgeous location for a wedding, made even better by the fact it's so meaningful to you.

  6. That ruin looks amazing. And extra special because of your childhood memories.
    Very happy for you