reading and writing..

well as you may of noticed I suffer with dyslexia.. i have to say you've all been very kind and not said anything about my shocking writing, grammar and spelling.. even though my mother and family do occasionally. it's alright i'm used to laughing at myself and spelling.. trophy will always be know as troffie in my family.. and besides they're all just as bad!

anyway it is rubbish and it is a big pain.. i can't see the mistakes, even when i read through it twenty times.. which I do.. I just can't seem to catch them. it means that writing wise i'm pretty screwed especially when trying to write professionally to clients.. my broken english and dot dot dot's don't cut the mustard. i've always know I've had it and my friends have always lovingly referred to it as "wellies* english" and say it's cute which is very sweet of them besides so many other people suffer from it i've never felt stupid because of it. at school there was always the fuss buss club (please tell me someone else had this..?) which were amazing blue animals books.. i wasn't good enough to do the ladybird and red hat or whatever it was.. my mum can always remember picking me and some other friends up from school.. they were going on about what books they were reading and i just quietly said that I could tie my shoelaces which non of them could.. you see always look on the bright side! anyway rambling...  reading and writing.. it was cool.. I had my extra time in exams and my test's that told me at the age of 18 I had the reading age of a 11 year old - great! but I got through and did good.. besides I always had my art, sport and drama.. who needs maths and english!

the one thing that my dyslexia did hold me back on however was reading.. i never did it.. we would be reading in class a paragraph or a chapter and everyone was so quick.. they would be finished and I wasn't even halfway through! so i just didn't bother.. i would say i'd done it and that was that.. because of this I always asumed that I didn't like reading.. but I was so wrong.. i love it.

i only started when i was 20 and heading into work everyday on the tube.. i would read trashy £1 celebrity mags everyday and found myself getting a little board. the first book i read was by a norfolk novelist and diary based which was perfect as it had short chapters that weren't intimidating.. then i read the da vinci code recommended by a friend.. and I haven't stopped since! every night and morning I have a little read.. i am slow.. but I get there in the end and enjoy it all the way which I suppose what matters!

I'm currently reading Jane Eyre.. i've been stuck in a Georgette Hayer rut (please don't be mean about her.. I love her and her novels!) so am coming out of it with a similar, and superior classical theme.. to be honest it was the only thing on the book shelf that I hadn't read.. our book shelf is not vast! but i'm loving it and can't put it down.. i also love reading the classics as I feel i've got so much to catch up on!

so yes i pledge to read the printed word.. but just a little more slowly than other people.

please if you have any great, must read books you can suggest to me I'd love to know.. and thanks again for not pulling me up on my writing.. i know a lot of you have got keen eyes and often correct your comments because of it..

Read the Printed Word!

* real name normally used.. but even though I tell you everything.. somehow like the hidden name identity!


  1. Dear Wellies, Have you heard of Persephone Books? Maybe you saw Miss Pettigrew lives for the day? Delightful elegant books. Over at these blogs http://cardigangirlverity.blogspot.com/ The B Files

    They're hosting a Persephone Reading Week. As you're a bride to be may I suggest Greenery Street about a couples first year of married life.
    Happy Reading

  2. I've just found your blog and really love this post- it's really exciting to hear that you've discovered that you love reading! If you like Jane Eyre you might like to read Wide Sargasso Sea which is a prequel telling the tale of the life of Mrs Rochester starting during her time in the Caribbean and leading through the course of her marriage and up to her time living in England under Grace's care. I am not usually a fan of prequels or sequels or that kind of thing, but this is a real classic and deservedly so.

  3. Oh, I am all about the...

    I wish I could write differently but I write as I speak and find it rather difficult to write any other way.

    I read trashy murder books so I wouldn't offer any of those for your education!

    P.S. I have never noticed any problems with your writing.

  4. I love the sleeve design of these books!

  5. Oh Wellies, I love this post, thank you for your honesty. I have also never noticed any problems with your writing. I'm so bad at grammar myself that I would never judge another.
    I've always taken my ability to read for granted, I quickly out read the school library and the local village library. So the thought that you've not been able to enjoy the same joy really resonates for me. I'm a trash-a-holic so not sure how much I can recommend.

  6. Fantastic post - my sister has a form of dyslexia and had a really hard time at school, her teachers accused her of laziness and so she hated reading. Luckily, since leaving school she has learned to love reading.

    Jane Eyre is fantastic, I'm not surprised that you can't put it down. Along with Little Women and Heidi, it's one of the books that I have to keep replacing because I read them so much they fall apart. I read lots of rubbish and cheesy chick-lit though - good when I'm feeling lazy!

  7. right I really want some trashy novel lists.. I feel I'm missing out! what are we talking here...? please I really want to know...........

  8. Oh anna is back in the game!

    James Rollins - Secret Societies/Nazis/Science/Special Forces - The Sigma Force ones (the others are a bit rubbish!)
    Tess Gerritsen - Murder/Thriller
    Steve Berry - As Rollins but not as good! The Amber Room was good though!

    Gosh, I read a lot of crap! Love it though.

  9. Ooo! - I'm so glad you've fallen in love with reading. I'm totally dyslexic too (spell check is my best friend) but always read lots because I was given the time to, for which I am forever grateful.
    Glad you are enjoying Jane Eyre - have you read any Austen yet? “P&P” is obviously brilliant but another favourite is “Persuasion” – good winter reads I always think.
    One of the best books I have ever read is "Any Human Heart" by William Boyd - it isn't at all as cheesy as the title sounds and it's written as diary so sounds like it might be your bag.
    And you must must must read "Gone with the Wind" - it's enormous I know, but proper miss-your-stop-on-the-tube-because-you're-so-gripped story telling.

    Oh, and I know it probably doesn’t mean much coming from a fellow lysdexic but I never notice anything wrong with your writing … ;-)

  10. So you want trash:
    James Patterson - crime novels, although his books are quite frustrating as each chapter is only a page and a half so lots of blank space instead of story.
    Patricia Cornwell - Scarpetta is a legend.

    I really enjoyed the Twilight series
    And I've read all of the little house on the prarie books about 15 times.

    I'm trying to get into the Steig Larsson books but struggling at the moment.

  11. Oh yeah. How could I forget about Patricia Cornwell, start with the first! It's fabulous!

  12. Thank you ladies.. I am now off to Amazon to pick up some of your ideas.. nearly finished Jane Eyre - so exciting! I kinda know the story as I've watched a few adaptations but theres something different when reading it from the book!

    Gone with the wind also sounds interesting that classic you must read once! ohh all the choice - need to get a good group together as come August I'll finally have a few days off - even though haven't quite decided on a honeymoon..?