thank you all so much for your lovely anniversery messages.. I love that photo of us - to be fair it's one of the only ones I've got - we'd just brought and moved into our new house and were so happy at the time..  the boy hates it but as it's my blog I get to pick the pictures I want to use..

I have to say I was a little brief on our meeting story.. there was also a lot of stalking that went on on my behalf.. constant coffee's in the uni bar.. walks vaguely around where I'd seen him before.. but hey ho it played off. what I find mostly spooky about us getting together was a year before we'd meet, spoken or even knew his name I'd seen him in the uni bar (with his then girlfriend) and had casually giggled to my friend that that was the man I was going to marry.. crazy huh!

anyway we had a lovely evening eating yummy fish here even though it was touch and go if we got there or not as our car's bonnet decided it wasn't going to shut after a bit of water fillage.. hey ho.. got there in the end and had a lovely time.. just had to find a different car!

so busy busy.. last week was an endless nightmare of work work work. have got a couple of things to show for it which i'll tell you more about later on in the week.. I also had a lovely and very productive weekend of gardening, baking and hosting a baby shower.. gardening was nothing but painful.. I took on some very large bramble hedges and think I just about won.. even though my arms and wrists tell a different story.. hey ho my own fault for letting the farm next door creep and dominate our unloved hedge to the point of no return.. for the baby shower I went down a grown up tea party theme with pink and blue food colouring playing a large role.. I wanted to take lovely food blog photo's with step to step process but as always was running crazy late and instead of being in baking bliss was in a crazy race against time. managed to get a few snaps and have some more of the party to show you later.

ps.. macaroons are as hard as they say to make.. lost my first batch of pink ones due to under cooking.. even though the results are YUM so are definitely worth a go! if not quite as refined as they were meant to be!


  1. Your first time macarons! Amazing!

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