chicks camping 1

hello.. oh so long since I've been able to play on here.. I have a good feeling that after this week things might start to get back to normal and once again I'll be able to breathe.

i've been so busy i didn't even get a chance to tell you i was off on my hen.. rubbish! i had no idea what the plan was or where i was going so when i turned up to london on thursday with my suitcase, sleeping bag and wellies i was a little nervous a tent might be involved.

friday morning we departed in car with the whole of the supermarket in the boot and drove to cornwall and arrived at the most picturesque camp sight ever.. fears of tent was not needed as there was the most luxurious yurt and tipis with sheltered area of cooking and a wooden hut with roll top baths and showers that got hot water through a little fire behind.. took an hour to heat up but I was very impressed with the results and got thoroughly clean.. something I didn't expect would happen when we arrived!

as always it's easier to show you the lovelyness than to tell you. but i have to thank my amazing girls especially 1, 2 and 3 who put together the most original and memorable couple of days.. i felt very special and hugely thankful.

so day 1: traveling down, woodland walk to the pup, cider, walk back from pup and collect wild flowers, campfire, a LOT of prosecco, head dresses, pasta, a little music and then bed...

I'll add day two later x x


  1. Gosh I am in love with your fascinators!

  2. Looks amazing! Looking forward to seeing and hearing more fun.

  3. Looks like you had a fab time!

  4. Your headdresses are amazing! I love Prosecco!

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