so invites are designed. woop woop.. but won't be ready to send till the 18th June. booo

this is good as it gives us time to sort out our website which will also be our online gift list and RSVP manager.. therefor needs to be ready by then.

i can't wait for this to be done as once they're out we can breathe a big sigh of relief.. it's been kinda fun but finding time at the moment is a nightmare. I'm not sure if this is because of bride brain or work.. umm maybe both. I'm really excited about seeing the outcome and hopefully it will start to pull our wedding together. fingers crossed it turns out the way we want!

who knows..

right back to work!


  1. ahem *pictures* ahem


  2. I have no pictures yet.. the design.. but not the pictures! I promise you as soon as they're here and posted I will show you all!

  3. yeah I'm not enjoying bride brain! how do you turn if off so you can get on with real life? ;)

    yay to invites :)

  4. I'm curious as to how long I can blame things on bride brain. Have I really always been so forgetful or is it just that my brain can't cope with all these thoughts.

    So excited to see the invites - patience isn't my strong point.

  5. When I was getting married I never heard the phrase bride brain, but I wish I had!

  6. It would be lovely to have a copy of the invite-I'm dying to see!