wedding prep

so I am officially... EXCITED!

weeks been good, work wise and wedding wise. making some big decisions and things are finally ticked off.. ekkkk so excited about the final week and all my lovely friends coming a playing weddings with us! ordered lot's of lovely things this week to make the marquee look beautiful and have some great ideas that will require some work but will hopefully be worth it.. I can't wait to show you what i've been up to and where i'm going wedding wise.. but with only 16 days left not long to wait now!

had a wedding to photograph with dad on saturday.. a cousins, one of the many.. I popped over to check out the location and to see how all the preparations were going.. had a lovely time especially as i got to play with my beautiful goddaughter who will be appearing at the wedding as a flower fairy!

will also share the wedding with you once I've found time to play around with some of the images. may of taken a few to many.. got a little snap happy but i was having such fun and there's sooooo much pressure to capture the day!

woop woop hope your having a good week as well....


our invite...

so after months of promising.. I've finally found time to photograph our invite! Ta Da..

I screen printed them all on my course and am so pleased with the outcome. I don't think I slept for 2 nights before I was so worried! typically I had left it till my last day to print them all - 200 in total. Anyway with a bit of help from the lovely James at St Barnabus press we finally got them all done in around 5 hours! It was epic but with the outcome sooo worth it!

design wise we went very modern, clean and chic. I think because we've got such a natural, country setting we wanted to do something that showed the other side of our personalities. The hearts are something that will feature in our wedding decoration and were our starting point so we've used them both on the invite and on the info card that we had printed.

materials wise we found a fantastic 700 gsm card in a lovely grey and decided to use a shocking pink with it - always a great colour combo. below are some pictures I took whilst making them.. ekkkk I hope you like them they've had great feed back from friends and family.


practice makes perfect

here's a few images from today.. have had a weekend of taking photos as had a cousins wedding yesterday and dad and I were once again on photography duty.. I've had a quick flick through and think we did OK - will obviously share a few with you as soon as I can! was such a lovely day even though felt a little lost without my Boy who's been in Ireland this weekend playing geeks..

hey ho - got to spend a bit more time with the family and finally had time to take ourselves up to the church where we were playing weddings and trying to decide what to do, where to stand and generally making these decisions that now have to be made. As there has been NO rain for weeks/months it's looking a little barren but we're all agreed once there's people, straw bales and a few other bits and bobs will all look fine. dad and i had a practice walking up the isle with my brother as the groom and the dogs as the guests.. ekkkk it's all so close and exciting now! just wish I was a little less stressed. I think a good week at work and a sort out at home will make me feel a lot better!

hope you all had a fun weekend and congratulations to R & O who played weddings for real! dum dum de dum!can't wait to read all about it.


please can I have this one..

Andy & Reagan :: Reception Highlights from FocalPoint Cinematic Weddings on Vimeo.

So wedding is getting very close and exciting now.. i've had a horrid week with everything going wrong. the boy has done is back in and has been flat on the sofa all week.. doing as much as he can on the laptop but with so many little days left and a lot of work to do the timing couldn't be worse. wasn't helped by cretins in bridal shop who insisted on me traveling 2 hours to pick up my dress as they had it written down as a fitting and not a collection. I had called and asked them before I left, for a second time, whether it was necessary to try on the dress as NO alterations had taken place to be told it was and I had to try it on. To then arrive 3 hours later and be told the dress had been pressed and was all ready to collect and not to be tried on did not go down well! in fact I did my best at angry and then cried. I am too busy and my time is too precious to be traveling for 5 hours to pick up a dress when my mum was there anyway. Was also told that I couldn't collect it on a saturday either - guess that wasn't relevant either.

sorry to rant but when you run your own company you can never really rest. we have been so lucky this year and have really started to grow and get some great jobs. But with these comes a lot of work and we REALLY want to be able to enjoy our wedding and take a little time off so every day counts.. hey ho as I always say worse things happen at sea..

saw this video today via Style me Pretty.. has been the one thing that cheered me up and has made me really excited about the day.

ekkkkkkk i AM getting married!


look whats here


ekkkkk after picking the plants up from granddad in April we have had our first couple come to bud! So exciting and as we've only got 31 days till I do it's good news. For those that don't know we've decided to grow our own wedding flowers and granddad's Dahlias were the perfect choice. he's given us lot's to grow and he himself will also be brings as many as he can along.. it made it interesting talking to my cousin the florist who, quite rightly, asked what colours they were going to be.. in which mum and I looked at each other and shrugged.. we have no idea! as we want multi coloured it's going to be all good and it's exciting not knowing! these dahlias have had some love and attention over the past couple of months.. we've had a few snail issues so poor mum and dad have been having to sneak around at night and pick the off. We've also been growing a very special one.. granddad has names a new variety in my honour - "Norfolk Bride".. I'm white and spiky (i think!).. I think there's only 5 of me living and we have one of the plants. this has been given every protection possible, security gates, extra water, pride of place so all can see! can't wait to see what I look like.

I've got a few in my garden but as we've had a crazy year it's about the only thing I've had time to plant.. hey ho I can walk around mum's and dads and enjoy there's instead.. we've been doing some beautiful arrangements which is definitely the look and feel of how we want the wedding flowers to be.. wild and rustic..

it's all getting so exciting!

heres some more images from mums garden.. was playing round with dads new camera which I love.. so small and light.. a big difference to our clunky Nikon - which I love with all my heart but sometimes you don't want to carry around something so heavy.. but still want good pictures! anyway.. should finally get to show you the invites tomorrow.. sorry I'm so far behind busy bee at the moment!


summer love

so in love with summer again.. beautiful weekend spent in warm haze..

as you know dress fitting went well in London and as all my time at the moment is spent in the country it was strangely nice to have that hot summer city feel.. coffee's and lunch outside, city walking and I have to admit taxis! thought the tube might kill my hot city loving..! evening was spent in country bliss with friends, bbq, procecco and more tipis.. beautiful friend Vintage Deli really does have the life!

sunday was church to hear our banns being read then garden flower picking and arranging with mum, F1 with dad and then home for a little gardening of my own and some sun bathing, reading, sleeping time.. still no trips to the coast have been made.. we'll get there.

hope you had fun where ever you were..

dave enjoying the breeze on the way home.. have a video as well with I want to upload - there is a strong resemblance to dumbo!


i love it

so so so so happy.. dress fitting went really well.

a million times better than I remember and so thankful and happy.


dress on my mind

anxiously waiting for saturday when I will be popping down to london with my beautiful mum to try on my wedding dress.

have not seen or tried on the dress since february and I am so nervous.. I can remember loving it at the time, i cried, it was all good signs but it seemed so long ago. i'm a bit annoyed as the dress was meant to be in store at the begging of june and after calling throughout the whole of it there was still no sign of the dress. finally got good news at the beginning of july but as we've only got 36 days till i do I recon it's cutting it a bit fine!

least everyone else has there outfits sorted.. Boy has found very cool suit, bridesmaids dresses are all but made and looking amazing, mum is a hat embellishing away from being sorted, and my dad actually has a suit that fits and looks so smart.. can't believe its all finally coming together. I think once I've seen myself in the dress I can relax a little bit more.. ekkkkkkkk crazy crazy!

saw this dress today and got a little envious.. love the soft dove grey and the beautiful ruffles. so pretty. shame the boy hates chiffon otherwise I imagine I would of been tempted to walk down the aisle as a giant pom pom!

photos by: Max Wanger

via: Green Wedding Shoes



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feet up

so for the first time in a long while I had to put my feet up and have a day off work..

may of given myself food poisoning on saturday and spent the hottest day of the year on sunday with a high temperature in bed instead of planned day of celebrating recent engagement with oldest friend by pool! hey ho it is what it is!

still felt poorly on monday had a day at home sick from work. was slightly excited by the prospect of reliving student days and watching day time tele to be very disappointed about how dull it is.. even This Morning no longer lived up to past fond memories.. did have wimbledon though which was a relief got me through from lunch time till the boy came home.

all good now.. back at work and feeling all good. so many wedding things to share. any other brides finding that things are suddenly just getting done! so exciting!

back soon x x x