dress on my mind

anxiously waiting for saturday when I will be popping down to london with my beautiful mum to try on my wedding dress.

have not seen or tried on the dress since february and I am so nervous.. I can remember loving it at the time, i cried, it was all good signs but it seemed so long ago. i'm a bit annoyed as the dress was meant to be in store at the begging of june and after calling throughout the whole of it there was still no sign of the dress. finally got good news at the beginning of july but as we've only got 36 days till i do I recon it's cutting it a bit fine!

least everyone else has there outfits sorted.. Boy has found very cool suit, bridesmaids dresses are all but made and looking amazing, mum is a hat embellishing away from being sorted, and my dad actually has a suit that fits and looks so smart.. can't believe its all finally coming together. I think once I've seen myself in the dress I can relax a little bit more.. ekkkkkkkk crazy crazy!

saw this dress today and got a little envious.. love the soft dove grey and the beautiful ruffles. so pretty. shame the boy hates chiffon otherwise I imagine I would of been tempted to walk down the aisle as a giant pom pom!

photos by: Max Wanger

via: Green Wedding Shoes


  1. OMG! CONGRATS!!! how exciting!!!! can't wait to see photos...?

  2. max wanger rocks my socks. these too are beyond cute.