feet up

so for the first time in a long while I had to put my feet up and have a day off work..

may of given myself food poisoning on saturday and spent the hottest day of the year on sunday with a high temperature in bed instead of planned day of celebrating recent engagement with oldest friend by pool! hey ho it is what it is!

still felt poorly on monday had a day at home sick from work. was slightly excited by the prospect of reliving student days and watching day time tele to be very disappointed about how dull it is.. even This Morning no longer lived up to past fond memories.. did have wimbledon though which was a relief got me through from lunch time till the boy came home.

all good now.. back at work and feeling all good. so many wedding things to share. any other brides finding that things are suddenly just getting done! so exciting!

back soon x x x


  1. Glad you are feeling better; I agree this morning just isnt the same anymore!

    I got a chance to watch it all after I was made redundant for 4 weeks; thankfully I had wedding tasks to do so didnt need to watch tv all day!

  2. Good to see you are feeling better!

  3. Oh I hope you are feeling better. Daytime tv sucks!

  4. I always think that about this morning... I think if I'm ill, that'll cheer me up and it so doesn't! Feeling blah isn't the same as being a slobby student ;) Glad you're feeling better though x