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Andy & Reagan :: Reception Highlights from FocalPoint Cinematic Weddings on Vimeo.

So wedding is getting very close and exciting now.. i've had a horrid week with everything going wrong. the boy has done is back in and has been flat on the sofa all week.. doing as much as he can on the laptop but with so many little days left and a lot of work to do the timing couldn't be worse. wasn't helped by cretins in bridal shop who insisted on me traveling 2 hours to pick up my dress as they had it written down as a fitting and not a collection. I had called and asked them before I left, for a second time, whether it was necessary to try on the dress as NO alterations had taken place to be told it was and I had to try it on. To then arrive 3 hours later and be told the dress had been pressed and was all ready to collect and not to be tried on did not go down well! in fact I did my best at angry and then cried. I am too busy and my time is too precious to be traveling for 5 hours to pick up a dress when my mum was there anyway. Was also told that I couldn't collect it on a saturday either - guess that wasn't relevant either.

sorry to rant but when you run your own company you can never really rest. we have been so lucky this year and have really started to grow and get some great jobs. But with these comes a lot of work and we REALLY want to be able to enjoy our wedding and take a little time off so every day counts.. hey ho as I always say worse things happen at sea..

saw this video today via Style me Pretty.. has been the one thing that cheered me up and has made me really excited about the day.

ekkkkkkk i AM getting married!

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