practice makes perfect

here's a few images from today.. have had a weekend of taking photos as had a cousins wedding yesterday and dad and I were once again on photography duty.. I've had a quick flick through and think we did OK - will obviously share a few with you as soon as I can! was such a lovely day even though felt a little lost without my Boy who's been in Ireland this weekend playing geeks..

hey ho - got to spend a bit more time with the family and finally had time to take ourselves up to the church where we were playing weddings and trying to decide what to do, where to stand and generally making these decisions that now have to be made. As there has been NO rain for weeks/months it's looking a little barren but we're all agreed once there's people, straw bales and a few other bits and bobs will all look fine. dad and i had a practice walking up the isle with my brother as the groom and the dogs as the guests.. ekkkk it's all so close and exciting now! just wish I was a little less stressed. I think a good week at work and a sort out at home will make me feel a lot better!

hope you all had a fun weekend and congratulations to R & O who played weddings for real! dum dum de dum!can't wait to read all about it.


  1. um, that pup photo is SO cute :)

  2. how exciting!!!!!

    best dog photos EVER btw...

  3. Lovely photos; I love the dog and the pram!

    Hope you are less stressed now!

  4. Although dog photo is alright i love the one of your nephew!!!

    Oh and so glad to see that i have FINALY made your blog xx

  5. he looks so much like you there Boo!

  6. Hahaha, I love that you were practising (even if it was with your brother!). Playing weddings is the most fun ever!!! Currently playing at being husband and wife FOREVER!!!