summer love

so in love with summer again.. beautiful weekend spent in warm haze..

as you know dress fitting went well in London and as all my time at the moment is spent in the country it was strangely nice to have that hot summer city feel.. coffee's and lunch outside, city walking and I have to admit taxis! thought the tube might kill my hot city loving..! evening was spent in country bliss with friends, bbq, procecco and more tipis.. beautiful friend Vintage Deli really does have the life!

sunday was church to hear our banns being read then garden flower picking and arranging with mum, F1 with dad and then home for a little gardening of my own and some sun bathing, reading, sleeping time.. still no trips to the coast have been made.. we'll get there.

hope you had fun where ever you were..

dave enjoying the breeze on the way home.. have a video as well with I want to upload - there is a strong resemblance to dumbo!


  1. Sounds like the loveliest weekend ever!!~ Our weekend always seem to go by in a flash.

  2. sweet puppy! what's better than summer, right? except christmas of course. ;)

  3. I absolutely love this photo! It makes me want to take a ride in a car and stick my own head out the window.