wedding prep

so I am officially... EXCITED!

weeks been good, work wise and wedding wise. making some big decisions and things are finally ticked off.. ekkkk so excited about the final week and all my lovely friends coming a playing weddings with us! ordered lot's of lovely things this week to make the marquee look beautiful and have some great ideas that will require some work but will hopefully be worth it.. I can't wait to show you what i've been up to and where i'm going wedding wise.. but with only 16 days left not long to wait now!

had a wedding to photograph with dad on saturday.. a cousins, one of the many.. I popped over to check out the location and to see how all the preparations were going.. had a lovely time especially as i got to play with my beautiful goddaughter who will be appearing at the wedding as a flower fairy!

will also share the wedding with you once I've found time to play around with some of the images. may of taken a few to many.. got a little snap happy but i was having such fun and there's sooooo much pressure to capture the day!

woop woop hope your having a good week as well....


  1. looks like a great party...your pics captured a lot of the fun!

  2. i love it! your photos are great. love the pic of the little boy holding the dog.

  3. Brilliant pictures.

    Not long to go now!! I'm so excited for you and to see it all come together!