catch up

so not doing great at the recaps.. work is beyond crazy! good job we didn't go on that honeymoon after all! whingeing aside I'm loving being back to normal and getting stuck into work again. It's amazing how all consuming the wedding was.. umm actually may be missing the wedding as well - in complete limbo at the moment.. still on cloud nine but exhausted all at the same time! maybe next week I'll know where I am.

may have also booked a long weekend in France away with the girls a few months ago. The boy, well hubby! (eeeeeee) is away racing again so I thought I'd treat myself to a little sun, surf and cocktails.. will be amazingly fun and I am looking forward to it - but sometimes I do wish that I had a normal job with a salary and holiday to book time off with.. to be able to escape without checking emails and thinking of what I have to get done next week. I love our company and the freedom it gives us but at times like theses work stays with us from day to night.. hey ho nothing I can do about it now - off to france I go and as i'm going I may as well enjoy it. give it a month and we'll be back on top of things and we're working on so many amazing projects at the moment that in the end it's all fun and seriously satisfying. Just wish I could work twice as quick!

hope you don't mind me ranting!

on a new wife front - loving it! But I am so bad with my new name.. have so far not been able to use it successfully! booked sunday lunch with my old surname - today managed to tell delivery driver my new name then signed with the old one.. proper fail. anyone else having a new name issue or am I really rubbish.

can't wait to tell you more about the wedding - this is a little sneaky peak the beautiful Chloe from Caught the Light sent over.. am so excited about getting the photos back.. It's going to be like Christmas! eeeeeeeee life is so good at the moment! Have a lovely long weekend x x


hearts continued..

so the inspiration for these hearts came from this image.

i'd seen this picture on a blog somewhere and immediately loved the colours and thought they were really cute.

in discussing with mum - my wedding partner in crime - we thought they'd make lovely place names and favors. we quickly thought of the idea of making them into broaches and i loved the idea of people collecting the different colours and pining them all together.

luckily our closest town - kings lynn - has an old school haberdashery shop which happens to stock long roles of old school craft felt. after a long while picking colours we made our choices and left with a bag full of felt, contrasting silks for the stitches and some stuffing. without realizing it at the time the colours chosen have ended up being the, so called, colour pallet of the wedding. I always new that I wanted colour but in choosing such bright ones it made other choices harder to make - more on this later!

mum and i have always loved a project.. in life if we've seen something we like we have usually refrained from buying it due to this belief that we could make it ourselves. this has sometimes turned out to be true and other times false - but we always gave it a go!  this project was an immediate success. from the first heart I was in love. as all this started in january we had plenty of time to make the 160 odd hearts we needed.. our big idea was to get them all done by march as this would be one job done and dusted early on and sewing hearts on those cold winter evenings was perfect entertainment.. this started off well but swiftly like all our projects we never seem to maintain the required stamina!

hey ho we got them done and I have to say they will be one of my lasting memories of the day.. more on this later!

what next...


it started with


so where to begin? i think starting to plan a wedding is the trickiest thing to do. I was always very aware that fundamentally I wanted our wedding to represent us - our creativity, style, taste and well us-ness. but having the blankest of canvases with a marquee and nothing else to go on, makeing decisions in the early stages is a real leap. most weddings I have been to follow the same formula - church, marquee, flowers, nibbles, sit down meal dancing and without question ours had to go down the same line.

the best wedding i had ever been to was by my beautiful friend Ge's. it had the feeling of being home grown from the flowers to the table names it had just been built with hard work and love. so above all my aim was to have this same feeling at ours.

in making decisions my wedding blog addiction helped to a certain degree - browsing what worked, what other people were doing, colours used, fabric, lighting, food, photographs, flowers.. umm it was all so addictive and beautiful. but in the end we had to make a start.. and for us it started with hearts...



so i am married.

i have no idea where to start.

our day was amazing - the whole week was incredible. friday the 13th played up to its name perfectly sending down the most amount of rain in one day. leaving puddles and question marks on whether we'd be able to marry at the ruin. this only added to the excitement of the whole experience.

can't wait to share it all with you.. I think it's best to start from the beginning!


today is the day

so it is midnight and I have just finished sorting the table places - today I am getting married.

i have no idea how all you other brides have remained so calm.. we have had floods, generator problems, colds, staying arrangements and everything else going on. but above all that I have had family and friends turning up, remaining positive, helping tirelessly and creating the most beautiful marquee I have ever seen. all my ideas and wishes have come together in this past week and I couldn't be more excited.

today i am marrying my best friend.

thank you for all your support and I cann't wait to tell you all about it!

ekkkkkkkkkk signing out for the last time as Tori Hancock soon to be Mrs O'Connor.


cone of shame

poor david.. due to constant licking on a sore area dave has had to spend today in the cone of shame.. i did accessories it with a red spotty ribbon to make him look a little more handsome but he doesn't seem to mind it! has to walk with his head a little higher and it kinda hurts when he walks past our ankles but otherwise all good. it also means he can't get down bunny holes - something he is quite partial too and something we don't see him do that often - thank god! he is still standing guard of them just incase something comes up..  oh to be dave! happy monday - 12 days to go.. ekkkkkkkkkkk


from Jelly too kitchens

so this weekend was spent drinking, dancing and a trip to ikea.

spent saturday with two of my lovely ladies and my beautiful boy playing at at norfolks hotest one day festival - Jelly! we had so much fun seeing old faces drinking moet and dancing like I hadn't danced in a long time. it was great to let our hair down and just relax and not think about napkins and ribbons and work! Got home in the early hours to a sqeaking and sulking Dave who wasn't impressed with the two drunken dancers who had left him with only the radio for company all afternoon! poor dave.

this morning was spent in a sleeping daze and we finally aroused after noddy had past big ears (midday - this is my dads saying - anyone else use it?) and had the horrid realization that this was the one day we had to take the 2 hour drive to ikea and get our new kitchen! we went organised with completed plan so the process was fairly painless.. and after some meatballs - which with my hangover had never tasted so good - headed home for a night of sofa lying and F1.. oh and a little blogging. you'll be pleased to know that dave has now forgiven us and is enjoying this relaxing as much as us!