catch up

so not doing great at the recaps.. work is beyond crazy! good job we didn't go on that honeymoon after all! whingeing aside I'm loving being back to normal and getting stuck into work again. It's amazing how all consuming the wedding was.. umm actually may be missing the wedding as well - in complete limbo at the moment.. still on cloud nine but exhausted all at the same time! maybe next week I'll know where I am.

may have also booked a long weekend in France away with the girls a few months ago. The boy, well hubby! (eeeeeee) is away racing again so I thought I'd treat myself to a little sun, surf and cocktails.. will be amazingly fun and I am looking forward to it - but sometimes I do wish that I had a normal job with a salary and holiday to book time off with.. to be able to escape without checking emails and thinking of what I have to get done next week. I love our company and the freedom it gives us but at times like theses work stays with us from day to night.. hey ho nothing I can do about it now - off to france I go and as i'm going I may as well enjoy it. give it a month and we'll be back on top of things and we're working on so many amazing projects at the moment that in the end it's all fun and seriously satisfying. Just wish I could work twice as quick!

hope you don't mind me ranting!

on a new wife front - loving it! But I am so bad with my new name.. have so far not been able to use it successfully! booked sunday lunch with my old surname - today managed to tell delivery driver my new name then signed with the old one.. proper fail. anyone else having a new name issue or am I really rubbish.

can't wait to tell you more about the wedding - this is a little sneaky peak the beautiful Chloe from Caught the Light sent over.. am so excited about getting the photos back.. It's going to be like Christmas! eeeeeeeee life is so good at the moment! Have a lovely long weekend x x


  1. We dated since I was 20 , now 34. Just got married 2 years ago. Never gonna get the name thing right!

  2. Work sucks eh? It is amazing how fast normal life takes over. I've no idea who I am half the time. I'm half and half at the moment so there is always a dramatic pause when someone asks me my name. I'm trying to force myself get my signature right but then I needed to initial something and got it wrong.

    I want to hear all about the wedding! Stupid work getting in the way.