from Jelly too kitchens

so this weekend was spent drinking, dancing and a trip to ikea.

spent saturday with two of my lovely ladies and my beautiful boy playing at at norfolks hotest one day festival - Jelly! we had so much fun seeing old faces drinking moet and dancing like I hadn't danced in a long time. it was great to let our hair down and just relax and not think about napkins and ribbons and work! Got home in the early hours to a sqeaking and sulking Dave who wasn't impressed with the two drunken dancers who had left him with only the radio for company all afternoon! poor dave.

this morning was spent in a sleeping daze and we finally aroused after noddy had past big ears (midday - this is my dads saying - anyone else use it?) and had the horrid realization that this was the one day we had to take the 2 hour drive to ikea and get our new kitchen! we went organised with completed plan so the process was fairly painless.. and after some meatballs - which with my hangover had never tasted so good - headed home for a night of sofa lying and F1.. oh and a little blogging. you'll be pleased to know that dave has now forgiven us and is enjoying this relaxing as much as us!

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  1. How cool you were at Jelly Fest! Thomas's parents live in South Creake and we could still hear the music when we got back from a wedding at 12pm lol. I love Norfolk!