hearts continued..

so the inspiration for these hearts came from this image.

i'd seen this picture on a blog somewhere and immediately loved the colours and thought they were really cute.

in discussing with mum - my wedding partner in crime - we thought they'd make lovely place names and favors. we quickly thought of the idea of making them into broaches and i loved the idea of people collecting the different colours and pining them all together.

luckily our closest town - kings lynn - has an old school haberdashery shop which happens to stock long roles of old school craft felt. after a long while picking colours we made our choices and left with a bag full of felt, contrasting silks for the stitches and some stuffing. without realizing it at the time the colours chosen have ended up being the, so called, colour pallet of the wedding. I always new that I wanted colour but in choosing such bright ones it made other choices harder to make - more on this later!

mum and i have always loved a project.. in life if we've seen something we like we have usually refrained from buying it due to this belief that we could make it ourselves. this has sometimes turned out to be true and other times false - but we always gave it a go!  this project was an immediate success. from the first heart I was in love. as all this started in january we had plenty of time to make the 160 odd hearts we needed.. our big idea was to get them all done by march as this would be one job done and dusted early on and sewing hearts on those cold winter evenings was perfect entertainment.. this started off well but swiftly like all our projects we never seem to maintain the required stamina!

hey ho we got them done and I have to say they will be one of my lasting memories of the day.. more on this later!

what next...


  1. I love the colours and this idea is just lovely. Also very impressed that you and your mum made 160 of these!

  2. Lovely! These are truly sweet and original. Would be great for wedding place settings! x LondonZest