it started with


so where to begin? i think starting to plan a wedding is the trickiest thing to do. I was always very aware that fundamentally I wanted our wedding to represent us - our creativity, style, taste and well us-ness. but having the blankest of canvases with a marquee and nothing else to go on, makeing decisions in the early stages is a real leap. most weddings I have been to follow the same formula - church, marquee, flowers, nibbles, sit down meal dancing and without question ours had to go down the same line.

the best wedding i had ever been to was by my beautiful friend Ge's. it had the feeling of being home grown from the flowers to the table names it had just been built with hard work and love. so above all my aim was to have this same feeling at ours.

in making decisions my wedding blog addiction helped to a certain degree - browsing what worked, what other people were doing, colours used, fabric, lighting, food, photographs, flowers.. umm it was all so addictive and beautiful. but in the end we had to make a start.. and for us it started with hearts...


  1. Lovely pic, can't wait to hear more, more more...

    I couldn't help but see your ring, woah mrs, that is a rock!!

    Love your blog, I've really enjoyed reading it in the lead up to my own big day (7 days to go for me, eeeek!)

    Lucy x

  2. I recognise those... they're all over my photos! Beautiful bursts of colour-love them.

  3. Beautiful hearts and I see poms in the background. Eee can't wait to hear everything.

  4. The hearts are gorgeous... Chloe did you do this wedding?? xx

  5. Your beautiful friend Ge can safely say that your wedding was the most imaginative, sensational, beautiful wedding day she'd ever been to. xx