wellies wedding!

eeeeeeeee don't you just love days like today.. the sun is shining, the sky is perfectly blue, the season is changing and we've just seen our wedding photos!

The disc should be with us by the end of the week but we've all just sat in our kitchen (minus mum - boo) drinking coffee and looking over them all via tin-ternet.. Chloe will be pleased to hear "she's worth it" (quote Dad) and is "simply amazing" quote O & me.. we're so so happy and we've not even seen them in all their shine and glory! woooooooo hooooooooo the week is now looking up!


couldn't resist..

the double post.. as I'm sitting around at work waiting for the boy who said we were leaving 45 minutes ago i started a browsing.. haven't been on Lovely Package for a while as I have truly been working very hard - therefor browsing blogs etc is now an evening only luxury - even though I can't sometimes resist a sneak peak! anyway...

look what I found.. ebay have made 100,000 of theses boxes and I was shocked by the stats written bellow. I try my best to recycle and reuse.. we have around 100 boxes sitting round here which one day will need to be used so what's the point in throwing them away.. and now even keener to hold onto my boxes after reading what you can save simply reusing a box 5 times! crazy... clever ebay raising awareness and clever Office for creating something that looks this cool!

“eBay just launched a new set of reusable boxes as part of a pilot program to make shipping a little greener.

Starting in October, the company is giving away 100,000 shipping boxes to eBay sellers, and encouraging reuse. According to eBay, if each box gets used five times, the program could protect nearly 4,000 trees, save 2.4 million gallons of water, and conserve enough electricity to power 49 homes for a year.

Designed by San Francisco-based Office, the boxes engage sellers by emphasizing potential benefits to the planet with friendly illustrations and copy. Tips for greener packing include finding “a new calling for old phone books.” A happy little bird asks, “Where to next?” And to track each box’s journey, there’s space to write a note so the next person to receive it can see just how far it’s come.

Each eBay Box is made with 100 percent recycled content, printed with water-based inks, and designed to require minimal tape. And once it reaches the end of its useful shipping life, it’s fully recyclable. From the box’s fine print: “Don’t worry, it will come back as something nice, like a birthday card or movie theater popcorn bag.”

post and images found here

right now for a little more work.. still no movement from the desk opposite!

black bunny...

where have you come from and how long have you been here..?

this little bunny lives in the bushes in front of our office.. for the past 4 weeks he's been popping out at the end of the day to have a little look around. seems to of disappeared now..? have to say though think he and maybe a few others have been here for a while as the general tone of the grey rabbits have got a little darker! even though for years we've had blackish bunnies running around - i thought this was from my brothers pet bunny that ran away years ago.. but maybe we just live on he farm that bunnies run away too. I'm not surprised it is a pretty nice place to be.. and poor dave try as he might his little legs are never going to be quick enough to get those bunnies.. even when he goes down the holes!


wrap up warm..

so at the moment we've seemed to of skipped Autumn in Norfolk and dived straight into winter.. yesterday was horrendous.. the boy went out racing and dave and I stayed in doors all day nursing my second day hangover tiredness - half spent in bed and the other half on the sofa.. I did swiftly cagoule up and run to the apple tree at the bottom of the garden as foul weather calls for good old sunday roast and apple crumble.. which got made and eventually eaten at 9.30 as boy got stuck in traffic.. hey ho..

feeling a little more revived today but weather is still foul.. but with winter comes knitwear and I have fallen in love with all things knitted by Donna Wilson.. theses are only 3 of her goodies and yes I have featured the only two things dave shaped.. but I have also added in a fox scarf as well which made me smile.. so many more lovely things on there which will make you giggle and feel toasty all at the same time..

Hope you had a lovely weekend and achieved a little bit more than me x

all products and images by Donna Wilson


and she's back..

so recaps.. what next... the dress...

so i have told you stories of my dress shopping - but never went into to much detail for obvious boy and friend snooping reasons!

the dress definatly had a BIG impact on the wedding - more so than I was expecting. not sure if this was to do with the fact that it didn't look like anything I expected I would wear - or because it completly blew the budget.. anyway lots of thought and nervous wedding planning came shortly after the big descion was made months and months before. I guess with me there is this constant contrast with modern and stylish mixed with etherial and country - hense wellies and vogue.. after trying on lots of different styles I ended up with two very structured and modern designs instead of the floaty one I thought I would be wearing. I chose my dress with the confidence that the boy would love it and it was different and special. The dress is by Peter Langner and on looking at the dress with my amazingly talented fashion bridesmaid we both agreed that we'd never seen anything like it before.. and as soon as my brother saw a picture of the dress he new that was the one - apparently it was very me! to be honest for a long time I just saw the price tag.. I have to say with the whole wedding I wanted to be a bit more clever than just paying out for things - however I can't regret this choice.. the dress was beautiful and it was and will be my only chance to wear something that made me feel like a I was a movie star..

i guess once the dress is chosen you can start picturing everything a little more clearly. initially because it was so different I felt very concerned that it would sit acwardly with the counrty venue and my all important flowers.. I have to say these concerns didn't last long. with the ruined structure of the venue it seemed to almost blend with it in lines and shapes.. and the flowers well they'd just have to work.. I was getting married with flowers in my hair wether they went or not!

we had a long wait in between ordering the dress and trying it on.. I guess if you have one made you have a more personal experiance and see it at different stages.. we didn't.. even though we had a few pictures I was REALLY worried that I wouldn't like it as I hadn't seen or tried it on for so long.. I think this was also the point when I started to make wedding lists and realised what was left to do as well as the mountain of work that needed finishing before the wedding - stress and fear are words that spring to mind!

all was good though and once the dress was picked up and ready with less than a month to go all was starting to get very exciting!

here's a few pictures of the dress trying on from start to getting it home.. they've been hidden in secret folders on my computer.. funny seeing them again!

first try on.. didn't fit but you get the idea...

first fitting - all new and mine!

after unnecessary trip to london* to collect my dress we finally got back home and decided to try it on one last time and play in the garden - once again mum, dad and me practising!

*week of wedding I was sent a beautiful bunch of flowers to say sorry for this.. they are now forgiven. flowers work every time for me!


thank you

so i just wanted to say a BIG thank you for tea for joy for featuring me on her british blog post today.. honestly feel like I've won an oscar! this is the closest to tea I could find in the old back catalogue.. actually coffee but in a tea cup so feel it's close enough! I'm having so much fun on here and it's so lovely when other people notice you, especially the ones who you love anyway!

so a quick thank you - but I PROMISE (again) I will have more updates for you soon..

x x



i did a little self portrait last night and I thought I'd share it with you..

this is how I spend most of my days.. sitting in the office either with my camera or looking into my computer screen.

have a good weekend.. friday nights curry night! anyone else watching the last ever big brother tonight..? I know it's not cool to love it but the boy and I have always watched it together.. will be sad to see it go but also think it's the right time.  don't think i'll cry but you never know x


Boos birthday

this weeks been good - 3 websites live, 3 new inquiries, new company name decided on and my only brothers 30th birthday.. feels like friday today though - hey ho still in a good mood...

wedding recaps on the way.. finally swimming to the top of the pond so should be able to get back to normal soon.. quick breath for now, got to go back down and get a bit more done..


fun in the sun...

eeeeeee had such a lovely time.. got back in a very tired daze this morning after a 17 hour journey. totally worth it though.. weather was amazing and all we did was chill on the beautiful beach, make lunch, drink gin and tonics, eat amazing food then drink some more.. perfect.. all surrounded by beautiful old friends and some amazing new ones..

also noted - surfers have the best bodies - fact! not that I was looking to hard!