and she's back..

so recaps.. what next... the dress...

so i have told you stories of my dress shopping - but never went into to much detail for obvious boy and friend snooping reasons!

the dress definatly had a BIG impact on the wedding - more so than I was expecting. not sure if this was to do with the fact that it didn't look like anything I expected I would wear - or because it completly blew the budget.. anyway lots of thought and nervous wedding planning came shortly after the big descion was made months and months before. I guess with me there is this constant contrast with modern and stylish mixed with etherial and country - hense wellies and vogue.. after trying on lots of different styles I ended up with two very structured and modern designs instead of the floaty one I thought I would be wearing. I chose my dress with the confidence that the boy would love it and it was different and special. The dress is by Peter Langner and on looking at the dress with my amazingly talented fashion bridesmaid we both agreed that we'd never seen anything like it before.. and as soon as my brother saw a picture of the dress he new that was the one - apparently it was very me! to be honest for a long time I just saw the price tag.. I have to say with the whole wedding I wanted to be a bit more clever than just paying out for things - however I can't regret this choice.. the dress was beautiful and it was and will be my only chance to wear something that made me feel like a I was a movie star..

i guess once the dress is chosen you can start picturing everything a little more clearly. initially because it was so different I felt very concerned that it would sit acwardly with the counrty venue and my all important flowers.. I have to say these concerns didn't last long. with the ruined structure of the venue it seemed to almost blend with it in lines and shapes.. and the flowers well they'd just have to work.. I was getting married with flowers in my hair wether they went or not!

we had a long wait in between ordering the dress and trying it on.. I guess if you have one made you have a more personal experiance and see it at different stages.. we didn't.. even though we had a few pictures I was REALLY worried that I wouldn't like it as I hadn't seen or tried it on for so long.. I think this was also the point when I started to make wedding lists and realised what was left to do as well as the mountain of work that needed finishing before the wedding - stress and fear are words that spring to mind!

all was good though and once the dress was picked up and ready with less than a month to go all was starting to get very exciting!

here's a few pictures of the dress trying on from start to getting it home.. they've been hidden in secret folders on my computer.. funny seeing them again!

first try on.. didn't fit but you get the idea...

first fitting - all new and mine!

after unnecessary trip to london* to collect my dress we finally got back home and decided to try it on one last time and play in the garden - once again mum, dad and me practising!

*week of wedding I was sent a beautiful bunch of flowers to say sorry for this.. they are now forgiven. flowers work every time for me!


  1. It's such a pretty dress! I especially like the details at the back, they are "different' (which is a good thing!). Wedding gowns ARE expensive and I felt guilty about mine (from Vera Wang) but it is SO beautiful and yes, it made me feel special.... so it was worth it!

  2. beautiful :) those folds are amazing!
    as much as anything, its the smile you wear in the dress that makes it beautiful...

  3. It's really stunning! And having seen the picture of you with the flowers in your hair on the actual day, it absolutely works.

  4. So stunning now we get to see it in all its glory. I agree with Rebecca, your smile makes the dress come alive.