wellies wedding!

eeeeeeeee don't you just love days like today.. the sun is shining, the sky is perfectly blue, the season is changing and we've just seen our wedding photos!

The disc should be with us by the end of the week but we've all just sat in our kitchen (minus mum - boo) drinking coffee and looking over them all via tin-ternet.. Chloe will be pleased to hear "she's worth it" (quote Dad) and is "simply amazing" quote O & me.. we're so so happy and we've not even seen them in all their shine and glory! woooooooo hooooooooo the week is now looking up!


  1. Can't wait for you to post some shots! The one above is just lovely!

  2. Yep ditto what Anna said. There's jut something about this photo, I really like :)

  3. I remember saying "yeah, just stand there, like that-side by side and don't smile" and thinking that I sounded like an idiot, but I think it worked!
    Worth it AND Simply Amazing? With these compliments you are spoiling me! I am so pleased you like them!