wrap up warm..

so at the moment we've seemed to of skipped Autumn in Norfolk and dived straight into winter.. yesterday was horrendous.. the boy went out racing and dave and I stayed in doors all day nursing my second day hangover tiredness - half spent in bed and the other half on the sofa.. I did swiftly cagoule up and run to the apple tree at the bottom of the garden as foul weather calls for good old sunday roast and apple crumble.. which got made and eventually eaten at 9.30 as boy got stuck in traffic.. hey ho..

feeling a little more revived today but weather is still foul.. but with winter comes knitwear and I have fallen in love with all things knitted by Donna Wilson.. theses are only 3 of her goodies and yes I have featured the only two things dave shaped.. but I have also added in a fox scarf as well which made me smile.. so many more lovely things on there which will make you giggle and feel toasty all at the same time..

Hope you had a lovely weekend and achieved a little bit more than me x

all products and images by Donna Wilson

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  1. I had big wooly jumper on and my big thick winter coat I was freezing. Sat here with the heating on under a blanket. I swear it was still summer last week.