Friday delayed!

eeeeee sorry.. may of had a busy weekend followed by a VERY busy week!

wellies and boy have been trashing their house to have a new kitchen fitted! eeeeekkkkkk. it's what we asked for as our wedding presents and on tuesday we spent all day ripping our kitchen apart ready for the painters to come in on wednesday - never invested in decorators before but on this occasion we couldn't resist.. we have left them with walls to sand, fill, scrub and paint. the boiler is also being moved today and tomorrow a new floor laid ready for the boy and friends to play DIY and fit and make the kitchen over the weekend. I will be oiling wood and making Tea as my skills do not include making flat packed furniture..!

cannot wait for it all to be done and I will be celebrating by cooking a meal of Swedish meatballs and chips!

here's a few piccies of the kitchen being destroying..will try and get back on the wedding recaps very soon, maybe tonight.. but I have a feeling when  get home I may have some cleaning to do.. hey ho - one week of hell for a new kitchen isn't too bad a deal!



day started badly - woke up in a bit of a wobble.. there was a lot I had to do. namely getting the marquee done but also annoying little bits like - cleaning our whole house as most of Oli's family might come and see it friday night - washing - still hadn't finished photographing the stock. I remember clearing the house of people so I had a little time to clean.. I can't remember why but everything took a lot longer than it should of. I was very aware of the work everyone was putting on at the farm and felt awful I wasn't there.. anyway got to the farm - slightly flustered.

Dad had been waiting for me as he'd got the boys to go and find find 3 birch trees.. so in the marquee I'd always wanted that element of green.. i'd tried my hardest to persuade everyone that we didn't need matting down in the marquee that grass would be fine - unfortunately it didn't fit so I went for trees instead - "trees... right" is all my dad said. we were going to buy them but around the farm we have bits and pieces here and there and I just wanted shrubbery really so begged my brother to try and find me some.. dad and Will once again though came up trumps and had found three threes that just looked incredible. they gave the marquee such life and added to the magic of it.

eeeeeeee so thurday was a real get together day.. The boys mum and jon arrived to lend a hand, Grandma & Grandad brought the dahlias (no pictures - rubbish!) mums twin + daughters and granddaughters, my two old housemates who I never get to spend time with arrived and took pictures and again we had the crew that had arrived earlier in the week.


I had to try and persuade my goddaughter and cutest bridesmaid that I didn't have time to play dress up and princesses with her.. even though the boy was the prince! I played dead instead and she genuinely got concerned.

napkins were rolled and hearted up - simply fastened with the heart broaches and some yummy cyan matt ribbon.. love them!

tea break - wasn't all work!

dave and lewis had to take it in turns living in the play pen.. those two are awful if left to their own devices.. simply gone!

pom pom's were looking good and flower garlands up and finished! woop woop.. P arrived and then we had dinner. Homemade lasagne , salad and vegetarian onion pizza for a vegetarian that didn't like onions! hey ho! I have no idea where mum found the time incredible!

evening came and more dancing happened outside.. marquee magic had stepped up a gear and most of the decorating was done.. left late feeling good and ready for my last day as a single lady! woooooooo hooooooooooooo



wednesday - what a crazy day but I remember loving it! everything was starting to come together.. so wednesday was a real art and crafts day for us. my maid of honor arrived with a big bundle of white tissue paper for the pom poms.. we'd been to get some more fabric for the garlands and some, surprisingly difficult to find, brightly coloured tissue paper for the confetti.. everyone thought I was crazy making the confetti but I could really see it working up at the church.. again I'd found the heart colours and had ordered a circle and heart cutter to make it all with - of course this was a job I was meant to do a weeks before.. but the cutters took ages to get here and well I just, like everything else, never got round to it. hey ho - it was a fun experience and everyone got stuck in, including dad who had fun making odd shaped hearts and has spent the last few weeks trying to find his confetti in the photos! we did however manage to stop him holding the left over tissue paper over the bowl with a pair of scissors! loved the pom pom making as well - never done it before and the results were just beautiful!

also in our make everything ourselves my Dad had spent his evenings before the wedding wiring and making hanging lanterns. We'd brought 40 different size white Chinese lanterns to have hanging all over the marquee.. They started to put them up in the morning and by late afternoon they were all in and wired. we weren't sure what was going to go over the dance floor so ended up going for fairy lights.. my dad also as a surprise had organised fairy lights to be put around the bottoms of the tress and had the house lit up..

I knew they all were going up and Oli and I were very much on quality control duties - going here and there saying a little higher, slightly to the right - but I don't think anyone realised how magical it was going to be until we saw them that evening. we'd worked late and rewarded ourselves with fish and chips or a kabab.. after a giggly meal and chillout we all were told to look outside - eeeeee they were so magical! my bridesmaids and I went running through the trees skipping like fairies - all making ourselves feel very sick - we then entered into the marquee to see all of days hard work lit up - wow wow wow how amazing did they all look! we all went back to our house on a real high.. trip to the local pup for a few swift ones - welcomed another best man Sam who'd come to join the wedding prep party (main job music) and then bed..

ps weather had improved no longer gales of 30mph but a lot of rain forecast.. humm



so we didn't seem to take too many photos - tuesday as I can remember it was a race against time. we had things that had to be done.. I think i'd managed to get the artwork to our local - kind of need all these things printed today pleeeeeese - never failing printers. i guess because of what we do and well what we love and appreciate we really wanted to play with some branding ideas. we'd screen printed and designed our invites and info sheet and played around with using different fonts and had developed a logo on there. we'd also taken the hearts and illustrated them keeping the original colours. so with all these elements we had so much fun making up stickers and coming up with different ways we could jazz up our wedding. I have to say most things were designed for the wedding were going to be used on the food.

food was something we decided on very early on.. we knew we were having cow - one of my brothers - and we also new we didn't want to go down a normal route. I think a wedding should really represent you and we wanted to keep things fun and understated. so after a passionate discussion in the kitchen we decided to serve a family favorite of homemade burgers and chips. we also knew we wanted to brand it up Maccy D's style - chip boxes, bags, logos etc. due to costs we ended up going for multicoloured paper bags and white card takeaway boxes. using the colours of the hearts we had oli&tori stickers made up which would fasten the box and also got stickers made to make flags that would go into the burger.  we also got coloured napkins - the same as the hearts - for the burger to sit on. fun colourful and a little different.

pudding - again we went down the simple route whilst keeping it fun and different. we had been offered free strawberries - very kind next door neighbour - so wanted to keep it down the fruity summer pud style. pud took a little more debate than the main but in the end we went for jelly and ice cream with a twist! the twist being we were going to serve it in jars and use old school fizz wizz - popping candy - on top. we named our pudding "a jar of summer love" and designed some labels. the jelly will be served with a shortbead heart and some strawberries.

so back to tuesday - we had to get everything to the caterer which she needed. this included 150 jars labeled and lids off and all the meat for the burgers. labeling didn't take too long with the help of super sister in law and a girggleing baby jacob.

i remember the rest of tuesday being about practicalities. string featured highly - it had to be white and not too slippy for the lights - we still had to finish work - stuff had to be taken to and from and there was a very empty marque that needed filling. tuesday was the only day that mum had a wobble and I was still full of cold. the day ended well though as support came in the form of a best man and bridesmaid. the super couple Alex (husband no2) and Charlie (creative partner) who came wide eyed and ready for helping. the evening was spent in discussing marque decorations - fabric flower garlands were decided on mixed in with white paper pom poms..

curry, wine, box of tissue demolished and britains next top model later we had started on the flower garlands - something charlie exceled on and I needed practice! I was great at cutting out coloured circles though.. pleased I could help!

1am came and we decided to write a list which included everything we needed to do  - eeeeeeeee very exciting!

bring on wednesday!

couldn't resit adding these photos of dave in who was being particularly playful this evening whilst I was trying to take photos - i think he just loves being on the blog!