boring blog

so dad kindly told me yesterday that my blog has been very dull of late - cheers for that dad! must apologise again for being useless.. i have so much to blog about but just no time..

have had so much fun looking through all the photos Chloe sent through and we also got our video as well over the weekend.. brought back loads of memories but has also made me a little sad it's all over.. maybe that's why I've taken so long to talk about it as I'm clinging on to what I have left.. maybe also a little shy - are you really interested in what I have to say.. anyway.. thought I'd quickly, (as I'm typing this illegally at work - boy on phone to pc world therefor unaware of my naughty blogging!), show you how are photos arrived.. Honestly best post I've has ever! I love it when someone takes something and makes it all the more special by a few simple touches..

I think I'm going to do wellies wedding week next week and recap on it all from start to finish.. here's what our disc looks like to start.. I also want to share flower inspiration with you tomorrow. have to see how we go though - stress levels at PFD are high at the moment! hey ho...


  1. Wow, just the packaging is super sweet!

  2. Umm yes please we would very much like to hear all about you and the wedding!

    And the packaging? How flippin cute. I very much doubt our male photographer will package ours so darn prettily!


  3. hahaha, I think your Dad should write a blog.

  4. I love that you like how they were wrapped. I stood in Rymans for a good 10 minutes trying to get the ribbon straight. I was sorry for stealing the felt heart from your marquee, but desperately wanted to send it back to you with your disc!
    Come on and blog some already, I want to see YOUR favourites!