so in seeing the photos the one thing that really stands out is the flowers. i'm lucky to have a really talented florist in the family. When I was 13 we had to do work experience and I did it with her in her old flower shop in Holt which was amazing.  I remember when I got engaged she looked at me and said please don't have pink and green - this was never going to be an issue as I always wanted flowers to be the element that added the colour. so dahlias were the main event.. unfortunately ours we grew never really arrived in time - Grandad though came to the rescue and turned up with some amazing ones.. we had mini ones for the button holes and headbands and giant ones to decorate the marque and a whole bunch of Norfolk Bride - my dahlia to be used everywhere.. Tessa did go and get some flowers from the market for us to help bulk out the missing Dahlias and use for marque decoration.. I had no idea on names of flowers so I sent her a mood board to try and sum up from a visual point of view what I wanted and from this she collected all the flowers we needed. Click on the images and you'll be able to see it a little bigger.

It's a shame the Dahlias weren't all out.. there were a few standing tall on the day - but now they all look amazing and mums garden is just brimming with colour! These things happen and they look so lovely all gathered together in little bunches lying around the house. Every time I see them I always think of our wedding... here's how they're looking now...


  1. They are so pretty! What a clever Grandad & your other Grandad would have loved them too! Clever Tessa she got it so right the flowers were spectacular! xxxxx
    PS The photo's are brilliant.

  2. Ooo great mood board! I guess nature doesn't always work with us timing wise, but from what I've seen of the photos it all looked amazing anyway, and so nice to have dahlias in the garden now to remind you of the day.

  3. What a talented granddad you have. It is a shame that your ones didn't come out in time for the big day but must be lovely to be enjoying them now.