Friday delayed!

eeeeee sorry.. may of had a busy weekend followed by a VERY busy week!

wellies and boy have been trashing their house to have a new kitchen fitted! eeeeekkkkkk. it's what we asked for as our wedding presents and on tuesday we spent all day ripping our kitchen apart ready for the painters to come in on wednesday - never invested in decorators before but on this occasion we couldn't resist.. we have left them with walls to sand, fill, scrub and paint. the boiler is also being moved today and tomorrow a new floor laid ready for the boy and friends to play DIY and fit and make the kitchen over the weekend. I will be oiling wood and making Tea as my skills do not include making flat packed furniture..!

cannot wait for it all to be done and I will be celebrating by cooking a meal of Swedish meatballs and chips!

here's a few piccies of the kitchen being destroying..will try and get back on the wedding recaps very soon, maybe tonight.. but I have a feeling when  get home I may have some cleaning to do.. hey ho - one week of hell for a new kitchen isn't too bad a deal!


  1. I lived like this for about 3 months whilst my husband built our new kitchen so these pictures look quite familiar to me - a week won't be too bad. The fun bit for us was when all the units were assembled in our living room meaning we only had a small passage way through the room and we had to eat on the stairs...

    What a great idea for a wedding list!


  2. Wow, you guys really gutted it! Can't wait to see the after pics! Also I love that you have Maldon Sea Salt in your cupboard!

  3. Lucy HOW did you do 3 months.. I'm struggling with a week!I think our units will be built in the garage so the space shouldn't be a problem.. even though our hallway is now a lot smaller with all our white goods squashed in.. hey ho only a week..

    and labonnefemme1 all kitchens should have Maldon Sea Salt.. the only salt to be used!

  4. Oh I'm so so jealous. We also asked for a kitchen as a wedding present - I just need to get round to planning it and choosing it and organising trades people. We had our boiler moved about 2 years ago and still the hole is stuffed with a heavy duty plastic bag - covered with a giant poster. I can't wait to get started but I'm dreading the mess.

  5. I think building and change is so daunting! The boy and I had real difficulty ripping it all out - for some reason we felt sad! I think it's because of the horrid process of going through it all.. but now when we're at the point of building it with new floor and painted walls and a boiler in a better place it's really exciting - but I can't wait till 2 weeks time when it's all done and we're just living.. Good luck Spare Thoughts!

  6. Awesome!! Looks like fun...Oh my goodness, what a mad weekend. Now I understand why you didn't make it Welshwards. Love you Gx

  7. I have heard a lot of people mentioning sealing driveways, decks, fences, etc. Is it possible to seal a tile floor in an indoor kitchen? I would like to prevent the grout from soaking up spills and stains. Any ideas?