so wellies wedding week is going to have to be split into 2 weeks! i'd forgotton a lot of what went on so thought it would be fun to take it day at a time! soooo

so monday - oh it was the perfect english summers day. hot, sunny, blue skies, light breese and the weather man had boldly promised that this was how it was going to be all week. hot, sunny and perfect!

so on monday I think the boy still had 3 website designs he had to finish and prepare artwork for, I had 40 items of stock (clothing) to photograph along with another 20 items to cut out and send off - we still hadn't done our order of service - or decided on readings! and other bits of artwork including table plans, place names and table numbers which all needed doing.. crazy times.. I was also coming down with a dam cold.. i was at the sore throat stage and feeling a little sorry for myself.

admid all the crazyness/stress in the office the marque arrived. it was nice that it arrived so early.. they came and got it all up so by the evening we could have a little look round and see the space that had to be decorated, lit and turned into our wedding venue... eeeeeeeekkkkkkkkkk

evening ended badly though.. i decided to check the weather and it had completely changed.. gone was the hot, sunny perfect summer weather suddenly we were going to have gales, rain and cold horrid north easterly winds.. ummm not good for an out door wedding on a hill! in typical optimistic wellies style we could only hope that the weather man had got it wrong again and we'd wake up with a better forecast!


  1. Oh yes, a cliffhanger...I love that this is going to last for two weeks...More! More! More!

  2. Ditto the above, looking forward to the next instalments already! Love the two shots of the marquee going up, must have been pretty impressive.

  3. Looks like the raising of the circus big top! You are so lucky to have such a beautiful wedding venue right on the doorstep.