day started badly - woke up in a bit of a wobble.. there was a lot I had to do. namely getting the marquee done but also annoying little bits like - cleaning our whole house as most of Oli's family might come and see it friday night - washing - still hadn't finished photographing the stock. I remember clearing the house of people so I had a little time to clean.. I can't remember why but everything took a lot longer than it should of. I was very aware of the work everyone was putting on at the farm and felt awful I wasn't there.. anyway got to the farm - slightly flustered.

Dad had been waiting for me as he'd got the boys to go and find find 3 birch trees.. so in the marquee I'd always wanted that element of green.. i'd tried my hardest to persuade everyone that we didn't need matting down in the marquee that grass would be fine - unfortunately it didn't fit so I went for trees instead - "trees... right" is all my dad said. we were going to buy them but around the farm we have bits and pieces here and there and I just wanted shrubbery really so begged my brother to try and find me some.. dad and Will once again though came up trumps and had found three threes that just looked incredible. they gave the marquee such life and added to the magic of it.

eeeeeeee so thurday was a real get together day.. The boys mum and jon arrived to lend a hand, Grandma & Grandad brought the dahlias (no pictures - rubbish!) mums twin + daughters and granddaughters, my two old housemates who I never get to spend time with arrived and took pictures and again we had the crew that had arrived earlier in the week.


I had to try and persuade my goddaughter and cutest bridesmaid that I didn't have time to play dress up and princesses with her.. even though the boy was the prince! I played dead instead and she genuinely got concerned.

napkins were rolled and hearted up - simply fastened with the heart broaches and some yummy cyan matt ribbon.. love them!

tea break - wasn't all work!

dave and lewis had to take it in turns living in the play pen.. those two are awful if left to their own devices.. simply gone!

pom pom's were looking good and flower garlands up and finished! woop woop.. P arrived and then we had dinner. Homemade lasagne , salad and vegetarian onion pizza for a vegetarian that didn't like onions! hey ho! I have no idea where mum found the time incredible!

evening came and more dancing happened outside.. marquee magic had stepped up a gear and most of the decorating was done.. left late feeling good and ready for my last day as a single lady! woooooooo hooooooooooooo


  1. That picture of you with the heart is the best!

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  3. The lights, the hearts, the pom pom's, the garlands, the trees all so pretty! xxx

  4. Everything looks wonderful. I wasn't sure how the trees were gonna work in the marquee but after seeing them in pictures, I see what you mean - they definitely look magical with the decorations and lights! Can't wait to see more!!

  5. Check out your crew of helpers - great to see the team spirit. I can't believe the transformation of the marquee.

  6. It looks stunning, the trees were such a good touch!

  7. Wow! I'm so impressed... and now slightly scared of how I'm going to manage to decorate our venue! You have a full-on crew! Eeeek!

  8. Wow, wow, wow! It all looks fantastic. I've just been scrolling through your posts - loving all the crafting! Love the trees!