wednesday - what a crazy day but I remember loving it! everything was starting to come together.. so wednesday was a real art and crafts day for us. my maid of honor arrived with a big bundle of white tissue paper for the pom poms.. we'd been to get some more fabric for the garlands and some, surprisingly difficult to find, brightly coloured tissue paper for the confetti.. everyone thought I was crazy making the confetti but I could really see it working up at the church.. again I'd found the heart colours and had ordered a circle and heart cutter to make it all with - of course this was a job I was meant to do a weeks before.. but the cutters took ages to get here and well I just, like everything else, never got round to it. hey ho - it was a fun experience and everyone got stuck in, including dad who had fun making odd shaped hearts and has spent the last few weeks trying to find his confetti in the photos! we did however manage to stop him holding the left over tissue paper over the bowl with a pair of scissors! loved the pom pom making as well - never done it before and the results were just beautiful!

also in our make everything ourselves my Dad had spent his evenings before the wedding wiring and making hanging lanterns. We'd brought 40 different size white Chinese lanterns to have hanging all over the marquee.. They started to put them up in the morning and by late afternoon they were all in and wired. we weren't sure what was going to go over the dance floor so ended up going for fairy lights.. my dad also as a surprise had organised fairy lights to be put around the bottoms of the tress and had the house lit up..

I knew they all were going up and Oli and I were very much on quality control duties - going here and there saying a little higher, slightly to the right - but I don't think anyone realised how magical it was going to be until we saw them that evening. we'd worked late and rewarded ourselves with fish and chips or a kabab.. after a giggly meal and chillout we all were told to look outside - eeeeee they were so magical! my bridesmaids and I went running through the trees skipping like fairies - all making ourselves feel very sick - we then entered into the marquee to see all of days hard work lit up - wow wow wow how amazing did they all look! we all went back to our house on a real high.. trip to the local pup for a few swift ones - welcomed another best man Sam who'd come to join the wedding prep party (main job music) and then bed..

ps weather had improved no longer gales of 30mph but a lot of rain forecast.. humm


  1. those lights look beautiful! absolutely magical, its great when you can see something in your head and then it comes to life :)

  2. The lights in the trees look so so magical, and think the home made confetti in your colours was definitely a good move, I can remember it from the first wedding pic you posted and it reallly worked well.

  3. It really does look like a fairy wonder land great job!

  4. confetti, fairy lights, poms!

    so beautiful.