our home resembles our home again.. it is amazing how much chaos a new kitchen can cause.. for the past few weeks we've slowly been finishing off the kitchen - it's been in full working order for a while now but with work and weekends away.. we've never got things completely sorted..

so this weekend with the promise of a sunday lunch to the ma, pa and family friend in a finished kitchen the boy and I pulled up our sleeves and got to work.. the boy with his tools and polyfiller.. me with my rubber gloves, ruthless sorting, bin bags and pearls.. does anyone else do that when cleaning.. pick something up - put it on and keep it on all day..? anyway.. for a while, well since the wedding, we have just been throwing everything we own and can't think what to do with into the spare bedroom and then shutting the door.. it got to the point where we couldn't even walk into it.. so this was my job.. the boys was the extrator fan which took him a little longer than he thought and caused him a wee bit of stress and table banging.. hey ho all done and dusted in the end and by saturday night, well sunday morning the house was sorted! wooo hoooo! well apart from tiling and the most important task of accessorising and picture hanging.. but we really are nearly there.. eeeeeeeeeekkkkkkkkk

sunday was lovely - little frantic with hovering and cooking but was very enjoyable.. first sunday lunch in the new kitchen went down a treat.. and mini apple strudels are a new signature dish - yummy!

this morning our home was way too tempting to leave.. so with office phone diverted and laptops open we've spent an amazing day working from home.. watching more snow fall, making pea soup and eating fresh rolls from our village shop yummy... there's no where better than home..


one year on..

how nice to have a holiday that gives thanks.. I have a lot to be thankful for today..

this is the date last year that my boy asked me to marry him. I have to say it was a lot warmer in Barcelona than it is is our little office now!

so thank you boy.. i truly am the most thankful girl.


today at my desk...

I'm loving my plastic horse.. which came with a wedding present and cherry and passion tick-tacs - quite simply yummy!


weekend madness..

woosh so my weekend flew by..

spent friday night in London for lovely friend birthday.. amazing..

got train back to Norfolk so I could help with Nephews Christening preparations.. all I did was drink tea and watch the second half of the rugby..

got home made nibbles for the christening and then started preparations for our first dinner for guests in our new kitchen was interesting... so ever cooked with a stonking hangover..? I tried it on saturday night and failed miserably! after scratching our new sink and then mixing up two recipes in my head.. think I managed to finally serve the food at around 10pm ish! this of course was after lying on the floor declaring that I couldn't do it! and then when eating nearly chocking to death!

hey ho.. all got done in the end and my food can only get better from now on! and Christening went really well.. very nearly didn't make it on time - dam my time keeping! - but we did and I was very proud of my brother and sister in law.. they hosted an amazing party and Jacob looked very cute in his country outfit! Took a few piccies but seem to be mainly of all the other children there..

hope you all had a good one..



MARCEL THE SHELL WITH SHOES ON from Dean Fleischer-Camp on Vimeo.

saw this the other day over on Rockstar diaries.. makes me smile so wanted to share. some peoples imaginations are just incredible.. enjoy x


road trip..

hey all.. thought i'd give the wedding a rest for a bit! nearly there though, only the marquee to go!

have a very busy and exciting week this week work wise.. have got a website to get live which I have spent a lot of time on.. and I think it's going to look very good when finished! eeekkk.. have also got a lot of 2011 gone crabbing designs to do which is always fun and colourful.. so all in all it's going to be a busy one.

got lots of exciting plans at the end of the week and have just had a great weekend spent in Bath with the boys family.. Grandmas birthday and sport seemed to be the main feature of the weekend.. F1 final and England rugby with my cousin and the whole team playing like legends! was so so exciting.. and much for fun when they're playing well and I know someone in the team! anyway random post over - fridge is empty so need to pop off to Tescos to re fill, then cook, work and watch the boy play call of duty..

a few photos from the weekend... road trip.. the last bunch of Dahlias and a maccy d's pit stop!