catch up

so - optimism over kitchen only taking a week was foolish! we have been working non stop over the past couple of weeks trying to juggle work, kitchens and weddings! I think we're finally getting there.

cooked first meal in new kitchen last night - roasted pork belly with creamy leeks - would say this was enjoyable.. but I'm so concerned over hurting new shiny kitchen that I was finding it difficult to fully get into the swing - and as our cupboards now have doors and shelves but nothing in them it isn't quite my kitchen yet! we do however have a dishwasher and sink - my time of washing up in the bath is over! Can't wait to show you all some piccies.. still lots to do - tiling and getting everything back in it's place.. but I think it's going to be coolio.. eeeeeeeee

got to play weddings again last week - my favourite cousin got married last friday to her wonderful boy.. my boy and I had the pleasure of photographing their Autumnal wedding day.. I also got to play a little more at marquee decorating - new favourite game - even though I couldn't play as much as I wanted due to work and kitchen nightmares! hey ho.. Before I show you this wedding though I'm going to get mine up there.. I'm down a laptop but by hook or by crook it will get done.. still don't know how I'm going to choose my favourite photos though as I love them all... woop woop


  1. Good-oh, you're back! Sorry to hear about your kitchen nightmare, I can't say anyone misses washing up in the bath - the thought of cold spag down the bath plug sends shivers down my spine. Looking forward to reading the rest of your recaps x

  2. Washing up in the bath, brilliant! (sure in practice it isn't though!) Hope it all calms down a bit soon.

  3. Yeah kitchens are far more time-consuming than you think! We're still doing the final 'tweaks' to ours... but hopefully it'll be done soon. The washing plates in the bath phase though is well behind us - not fun!

  4. Hope the kitchen is finished by now. I'm not looking forward to the washing up in the bath element - wonder if we could rig the dishwasher up to the bath?