our home resembles our home again.. it is amazing how much chaos a new kitchen can cause.. for the past few weeks we've slowly been finishing off the kitchen - it's been in full working order for a while now but with work and weekends away.. we've never got things completely sorted..

so this weekend with the promise of a sunday lunch to the ma, pa and family friend in a finished kitchen the boy and I pulled up our sleeves and got to work.. the boy with his tools and polyfiller.. me with my rubber gloves, ruthless sorting, bin bags and pearls.. does anyone else do that when cleaning.. pick something up - put it on and keep it on all day..? anyway.. for a while, well since the wedding, we have just been throwing everything we own and can't think what to do with into the spare bedroom and then shutting the door.. it got to the point where we couldn't even walk into it.. so this was my job.. the boys was the extrator fan which took him a little longer than he thought and caused him a wee bit of stress and table banging.. hey ho all done and dusted in the end and by saturday night, well sunday morning the house was sorted! wooo hoooo! well apart from tiling and the most important task of accessorising and picture hanging.. but we really are nearly there.. eeeeeeeeeekkkkkkkkk

sunday was lovely - little frantic with hovering and cooking but was very enjoyable.. first sunday lunch in the new kitchen went down a treat.. and mini apple strudels are a new signature dish - yummy!

this morning our home was way too tempting to leave.. so with office phone diverted and laptops open we've spent an amazing day working from home.. watching more snow fall, making pea soup and eating fresh rolls from our village shop yummy... there's no where better than home..


  1. All your hard work has been worth it. Lunch was delicious.Thank you xxxx

  2. Out of all that I got most excited about the cottage bun! Don't get me wrong, the whole post was great, but I haven't seen a cottage bun in ages.

  3. It looks great, love the worktops and Dave's posh cushion! x

  4. Pea and ham soup, snow, and not going outside...sounds like the perfect day to me! and your worktops are gorgeous! xxx