Friday... at last!

Friday the 13th...

didn't realise that was the date when we booked our wedding! and it really lived up to its name.

So friday was about finishing touches and getting the things done that HAD to get done! Flowers were all delivered the day before and the team got to work arranging them in milk bottles - we chose milk bottles as the Boy loves milk - I don't, I've been intolerant to it since I was a baby - but as my parents get milk delivered every other day, and they're a cool uniformed shape as a vase we went for them. We also managed to get hold of two of my late Grandfathers milk bottles which were used when my mum was a girl which was really special.

I didn't really see the boy all day before the wedding as he was busy doing the table plan and all the place names.. we knew and had discussed what we were doing.. but hadn't got round to doing anything. so we had decided on fonts being are table names - the boy and I spend a lot of time looking and playing with fonts so thought this would be a nice touch. We chose a different font for each table and used the font for all the table names. The boy put together a poster which he got printed that day as well as popping to the barber - our table numbers again used the different fonts but as their number. We had some off cuts from our invites which were a good shape and a friend, on route from London picked up the numbers which we'd had laser cut on white card so we could stick them on.. simples!

so I said abut Friday the 13th.. well after the driest summer for a long time oh my god did it rain on the Friday.. the rain was just incredible.. someone left the tap on style.. the marquee floor flooded, crazy puddles appeared and the whole time we all had to try not to think about the fact that tomorrow the boy and I were meant to be getting married out in the open.. I have to say I'm very impressed with my lack of panicking.. I didn't care! for some reason I never panicked about the weather or the posibility that the wedding service would have to move to a different location - I just thought or new that it would be fine and if it wasn't, then hey ho I was still getting married..

did have a wobble - saying god bye to the boy - in a rush as, of course, he was running late.. when he went I was suddenly overcome.. ran up to old childhood bedroom and cried.. not sure why - think I was just all over whelmed. best friends came and asked what was wrong.. wasn't quite sure - thought I wanted to be alone.. then after ten minutes realised that I was fine.. just nervous I guess! had such a fun evening with my parents and friends.. we had my mums incredibly marinated steak, cooked by dad on the bbq and served with salad and chips.. lots of red wine and giggleing. two of my girlfriends had taken back some stock I had been photographing for one of our clients and whilst there had also picked out some going away dresses for me to try on as I han't got anything or had had time to look! they picked very well and I chose a, shockingly expensive (think about that after the wedding!) but very cool and very me silk Joseph mini dress.. with a floral pattern on in all the colours of my hearts! after some more red wine, confetti packing, name cutting up and seating plan arranging it was bed time...

i didn't sleep - couldn't sleep - felt like the best christmas eve ever.. eeeeeeeee it was very surreal.. could everyone else sleep before theirs..?

so to finish i have to say how lucky we were with all the people that came together to make our wedding. we had so many friends and family working so hard to make sure it all got finished and turned into everything that we had been working towards and dreamed of. without question this time with friends, some of which I hadn't seen for years, and our amazing families who we will never be able to express our true thanks to, made our wedding. I think you sometimes forget in your own little world how truely lucky you are and how special and important the people are who are in your lives.
so to everyone who helped - thank you..


  1. Oh I have been waiting! Thanks so much! It looks a blast no matter how stressful!

  2. Hated saying goodbye to the boy and yes totally in a rush. Felt like we should have said something deep and meaningful to each other rather than - remember this and don't forget that etc.