one year on..

how nice to have a holiday that gives thanks.. I have a lot to be thankful for today..

this is the date last year that my boy asked me to marry him. I have to say it was a lot warmer in Barcelona than it is is our little office now!

so thank you boy.. i truly am the most thankful girl.


  1. Happy Anniversary on your engagement day! I'm thankful for you too as I know your boy has made you a happy girl!
    Love you both xxxx

  2. Happy Engagement Anniversary! His and her's coffee :) Perfect! xxx

  3. Happy belated engagement-iversary! I love the picture of the coffees (good crema!) and the his and hers converse. You two are so cute!

    PS. I'm getting withdrawal symptoms from the lack of wedding posts...x

  4. Ah how lovely. Wasn't a reader before you were engaged (I only remember the run up to the wedding really) so nice to click back on that link and find out how it all started!

  5. Aw I remember the post when you announced your engagement.