road trip..

hey all.. thought i'd give the wedding a rest for a bit! nearly there though, only the marquee to go!

have a very busy and exciting week this week work wise.. have got a website to get live which I have spent a lot of time on.. and I think it's going to look very good when finished! eeekkk.. have also got a lot of 2011 gone crabbing designs to do which is always fun and colourful.. so all in all it's going to be a busy one.

got lots of exciting plans at the end of the week and have just had a great weekend spent in Bath with the boys family.. Grandmas birthday and sport seemed to be the main feature of the weekend.. F1 final and England rugby with my cousin and the whole team playing like legends! was so so exciting.. and much for fun when they're playing well and I know someone in the team! anyway random post over - fridge is empty so need to pop off to Tescos to re fill, then cook, work and watch the boy play call of duty..

a few photos from the weekend... road trip.. the last bunch of Dahlias and a maccy d's pit stop!


  1. Sounds like you had a fun filled weekend.

  2. Love that the dahlias are still so vibrant!

  3. I totally couldn't work out what those last pics were... I thought they were tubs of jam for some reason! (Not a McDonalds girl!) ;)