weekend madness..

woosh so my weekend flew by..

spent friday night in London for lovely friend birthday.. amazing..

got train back to Norfolk so I could help with Nephews Christening preparations.. all I did was drink tea and watch the second half of the rugby..

got home made nibbles for the christening and then started preparations for our first dinner for guests in our new kitchen was interesting... so ever cooked with a stonking hangover..? I tried it on saturday night and failed miserably! after scratching our new sink and then mixing up two recipes in my head.. think I managed to finally serve the food at around 10pm ish! this of course was after lying on the floor declaring that I couldn't do it! and then when eating nearly chocking to death!

hey ho.. all got done in the end and my food can only get better from now on! and Christening went really well.. very nearly didn't make it on time - dam my time keeping! - but we did and I was very proud of my brother and sister in law.. they hosted an amazing party and Jacob looked very cute in his country outfit! Took a few piccies but seem to be mainly of all the other children there..

hope you all had a good one..


  1. Wow! Who is that super stylish lady in the tweed with your dad? I LOVE her outfit! x

  2. Aw his little quilted jacket is gorgeous! I really love your blog, I've loved reading about your wedding recently! Love from a fellow Norfolkian :D xxx

  3. Beautiful pics, just love the ones of that little girl in the basket bag, so cute! (oh to be that small again...)