wellies wedding - the morning

wedding started at 3 so we had he whole morning to relax and prepare - well supposedly!

due to the weather we had to wait until the last moment to lay out the straw bails (seating) at the church, this wasn't the plan the day before so we had a couple of very tired best men turn up early to help.. they then had to wait around until dad was ready. Chloe the Photographer was the next to turn up with her asistant for the day Dominique.. I was still in dressing gown and ugg boots at this point making no effort on the morning of the wedding to look nice! I wanted to have that dramatic transformation instead! we went for a stole up to the church to show Chloe the location and I was so pleased to see that even though it was very wet it was warm - YAY! umm but wellies would be needed. found that Chloe was the nicest person in the world and made me immediately feel completely at ease, we'd never met or spoken before so I was very nervous but honestly she immediately made me feel that we'd been friends for years.

the boy and last best man had the duty of picking up the flowers.. due to a whisky filled night they were running very late.. I was hidden in one side of the house and didn't want to get showered and ready until the flowers had arrived. I knew we were all having headbands but had no idea how they were going to look so wanted to wait and try them on before I could start to prepare.

all photos by Chloe @ Caught the Light