still chilly chilly.. Our office is freezing - my hands are aching! hey ho have lots to do - which shouldn't include blog posts! so I'm sure I'll warm up soon..

Couldn't resist showing you Dave in his hoodie - theses were taken on Friday when we had beautiful Narnia weather.. we now have half melted snow which last night re froze to form crazy ice!

Had such a good weekend though - have lots of photos to show you as I was on photographer duty for fashion friend.. the great thing was I just got to spend the whole day with her and her amazing family who's house I am far too comfortable in!

Hope you all had a good one - back soon I promise!

woop woop x


  1. Oh Dave you are so handsome in your hoodie!!

    I see it doesn't stop him from getting up to his normal duties around and about.

    I'd love to see Scamp with his cordoroy hoodie and Dave out together. They'd make a right pair x

  2. Oh dear god, as if I wasn't already in love with Dave as it was, this has sent me totally over the edge. I could just EAT him.

    Cuteness with a capital C

  3. He is so so sweet. I am in loovee. What is he? He looks similar to the deer hunting dog alot of people have in Sweden. Never saw a cuter hoodie before.

  4. So cute, got to get me one of those (the dog and the hoodie!). And spectacular shots of snowy Norfolk scenery.

  5. Aww Dave looks so cute in his hoodie.

    I'm working on how to type with gloves on - keeping my hands warm is a nightmare.

  6. thanks all for your lovely comments..

    Amber - I'm sure Dave would love to think of himself as a deer hunting dog.. but he is more of a rabbit hunter! even then he never wins!

    he is a miniature wirehaired dachshund - even though he often gets teased that he's not a very good one! apparently he looks a bit odd and ugly! hey ho we love him just the same!

    Spare thoughts - gloves and typing is most tricky! Our office gets warm after lunch at which point I can remove my coat and scarf!