Christmas done

so as always it came and went far too quickly. we've celebrated christmas 4 times - been spoilt rotten and have eaten and drunk enough for for a whole month. i'm now full of cold, stuck in the office waiting for the boy to finish doing some work before we hit the shops for some much needed food shopping and some more entertaining tonight.

i haven't taken many piccies over christmas - well Instagram I have but not with the big camera so thought I'd share theses piccies of our tree - which were featured here on a guest post I did for the lovely 11.54. Hopefully I'll be feeling more like myself before New Years - I am having an outfit dilemma.. Cartoon character - what shall I go as.. starting to panic now and brain just won't work!

Hope you all had a happy christmas and have managed to avoid the dreaded cold.

And if I don't make it back before - Happy New Year!


we're off..

leaving 4 hours later than planned but we're now off to Bath for CHRISTMAS!

Have had a crazy week trying to get everything finished - but am hoping that now I can relax a little... Have a christmas tree post to put up at some point tomorrow so watch this space..

eeeeeeeee it's all so exciting! Can't believe Christmas is nearly here! must run x


Wellies the Farmer!

so this was my day today..

I had the pleasure of helping my brother move his cows from one field to another.. this field wasn't next door but all the way down the hill and through a yard.. 6 of us - god knows how many of them - and on the coldest day of the year to boot..

I got dressed up in boiler suit and some wellies and took on the roll of barrier.. I have to say I'm a little scared of cows and did at one point feel that I was in the Lion King as when they start running towards me and they don't stop! we did it in two batches and the first lot came past fine.. I stood there frozen with a stick up and started nicely talking to the cows asking them to keep on coming by and not to come towards me.. I shook with fear but they were so cool - they all just follow the leader and went by fine. few..

the sun started setting when we did the second lot and there was an amazing rainbow appearing with the most insane light - oh so beautiful! it was so cold thought and at this point my hands had frost bite - gloves would of been a good idea! - however by this time cows and me where a lot more in tune so I didn't mind the second lot at all.. and I have lean't today that calves are a nightmare.. they really don't have the pack mentality and just panic and go everywhere.. above is a picture of my brother after he had carried a calf to the field as it just would not go the right way!

so today I did play farmer - but the boy and I agreed that our job is so much nicer - to all those who work outside.. you are crazy!



Massive Congratulations to Vi and thank you all so much for your lovely comments and for as always reading and supporting wellies and vogue.. it's means a lot my silly little blog world!

and a MASSIVE thank you to Kathryn Hague for being so generous..


poor dave..

have had a very distracting morning this morning - poor Dave has been to the doggy doctors for a minor op.. he has severe abandonment issues so I was so worries he was going to get himself into a right state - I had to put him in his cage and he was flighting to be let out - he just sat there shaking and crying when we left.. but we've just go the all clear through and are now waiting to pick him up. poor Dave - I'll give you an update once he's home..

this is a photo of dave in his favourite position - staring out of windows checking for intruders or bunnies!

hope you're all having a lovely day..

and remember GIVEAWAY!

he's fine.. not his normal self but getting there.. he was very quiet last night - not himself at all and a very slow heart rate which was scary.. but all is good today.. the vets said he was very good with them which was a relief - even though he did have to go in a incubator for a bit because he was so cold and shaking so much! poor David...



it's getting so close to Christmas I'm now getting really excited..

Had a lovely weekend in London with friends.. we had a bonfire bbq in freezing conditions, a visit to the Tate modern with mum to see Gerhard Richter's amazing exhibition (go, go, go closes on the 8th Jan and really worth a visit) we shopped till we dropped, sat in our friends new car, ate far to much in a pub for lunch, drank mulled wine, chilled with TV and wine, brought a chritsmas tree, cried at Black Beauty, ate two kebabs, sang carols whilst putting up the christmas tree and got to cuddle a puppy.. amazing times!

this week it going to be full on with ticking stuff off the work list - as well as crazy last minute present shopping.. we still have so much left to get.. arrhhhhh.. should be good though and come the weekend I can engulf myself in all things chirstmas and finally get my TREE! yay!

right now back to work - remember you still have till midnight on wednesday to enter the giveaway.. I was wearing one of Kathryn Hagues pieces this weekend in citrine.. and you guys could win one yourselves.. whoop whoop - right must work!


a very special christmas giveaway

Today I have a wonderful giveaway for you from one of our amazing clients, Katherine Hague! Katherine Hague is offering one reader a small pendant in a stone of their choice with a 50cm chain to go with it! Amazing hey!!! At the moment she has all colours in stock so we're going to try and get the winners pendant to them by christmas - so go here to check out all the options. my personal favorite is the smoky quartz.. but how can you pick one when all theses colours go so well together!

We've had a great time working closely with Kate on her website design and product photography this year - she also happens to be a very special friends mum, so I know her very well! Kate is firstly an artist and an incredible painter. She started to learn jewellery design a couple of years ago and has great joy in creating simple, stylish handmade products a few of which are shown below.

To enter:
Follow @kathryn_hague on twitter* and just leave a comment below telling us which is your favourite item from the Katherine Hague website and which colour pendant you would like!
additional entries: share this giveaway via Twitter, Facebook, or your blog.  Leave a comment below for each place you've shared.
feel free to steal this sample tweet: Win a #silverpendant necklace from @welliesandvogue and @kathryn_hague! http://www.welliesandvogue.com/2011/12/very-special-christmas-giveaway.html

Note: Since this giveaway was designed as a special gift for an wellies and vogue reader, you must be a follower to win.  Any means of following is fine!

That's all there is to it!  Giveaway closes at midnight on Wednesday 14th December.  I'll announce the winner on Thursday and aim to get it in the post on Friday so should (if UK based and postman depending) be with you by Christmas.  This giveaway is open to everyone - it might just not be with you by Christmas! Good luck!

*if you don't have a twitter account don't worry - you can still enter! 



happy monday.

hope you all had a good weekend.. ours went well - bit foolishly over indulged on Friday night at the local that kind of killed us for the rest of the weekend.. did get to the farmers market on Saturday followed by a brisk walk on the beach and dinner at friends.. on Friday night I'd stollen a bit of beef off my brother for our sunday lunch so I thought the only decent thing to do was to invite him and his family over to enjoy it with us.. I always love winter sunday lunches and this one went down very well with me just using up what I had in the fridge.. and my brothers beef tasted yum, yum, yum..

today we are working in the coldest little office.. 3 jumpers and a coat on and my hands are still numb! hey ho - the weather this year has been so mild and as we have 20 days till the big C it's nice to feel a little more wintery!

a year ago I took this series of photos of my friend - I remember it being such a lovely day and randomly she's down in Norfolk today so we're popping over to her families for dinner tonight! can't believe how quickly these years are flying by!



wellies at work.. so I never post photos of me but as I was in a playful mood today dressed in my girly chiffon dress I thought I would.. this is one of my new favourite dresses.. it was a gift a few years ago from my bestest friend and I've only just started giving it regular outings.. my shoes are new from toast and I'm still loving my glasses which are from here!

not sure if you want to see me.. and I am so rubbish in front of the camera.. 2 out of 50 that I don't mind! but I always love seeing other peoples style on blogs - there's always great ones here and here and I LOVE this families amazing style..



my life through instagram..

if you play twitter you would of seen some of these before.. but as there the only fun photos I've taken recently thought I'd share them with you..


tick, tick

weekend went very well thank you.. didn't stroll to far from the nest but it did get a dam good clean and I had fun playing in the kitchen - even though I resisted the temptation of baking cookies - which - I'm very proud of myself about. the boy and I have started a pre christmas diet.. umm diet might be too strong a word - carb cutdown and run when we can routine! this I feel is necessary for maximum Christmas enjoyment.. as for me it's all about the food and booze!

I have to say I am lacking in christmas cheer at the moment.. mild weathers not helping and the to do before christmas work list is a weeee bit scary.. even though today has been good as I have managed to get through quite a bit - hence rewarding myself for a babble on the blog. anyone else lacking the cheer? think I need some mulled wine, fairy lights and glitter to lift the spirt!



so autumn is fading and winter approaching.. but oh my hasn't it been a good one! mild, mainly sunny, colourful and randomly full of flowers!

I am super excited about the weekend - a whole weekend with nothing to do! might go shopping - might not - might go walking - might not - might bake - might not  - might see friends - might just do nothing!

after the busyness of life and work recently nothing is sounding pretty darn good.

have a lovely weekend whatever you're doing x


so this is the only surviving table decoration from this weekends festivities..

ever since the wedding I now have a slightly obsessive want to style and decorate any party I hear of.. so when a 10 year school reunion was mentioned I immediately offered my services in the flower department.

the brief was:
charity event - maximum £200 budget
six large circular tables with white table cloths and nothing else
need to be made the day before due to double booking ourselves and not being around on the day to deliver and do the flowers.

my creative partner (mum) and I had some serious debates and once again came up with a mountain of ideas.. potted plants, herbs, full on flower bouquet - but all theses were going to cost to much. mum remembered about some cider jugs she got for my brothers wedding and luckily had six lying around therefor the simple and cost free solution was to attack the hedgerows on the farm and fill the pots with berries and other colourful finds on the farm.

I think they came out really well and in the big wooden hall looked very fitting and seasonal. I did spend £9 on roses but I think it was money well spent and as my original budget was going to be £200 think we did well and our little bit for charity and I obviously swallowed the £9 myself.

I wish I had a photo to show you from the event.. but I was so wired after the craziest day in a long time couldn't face getting the camera out. the boy and I had breakfast at home, lunch in Oxford then dinner and dancing in Holt, Norfolk. Therefore we drove for 6 1/2 hours I had two coats of makeup applied and 2 shoe changes.. well worth it though - ended up being a very good day!



this is my nest..

theses photos were taken a couple of weekends ago when I was feeling a little under the weather.. today I wish I was back there.. had another crazy weekend and feeling the effects today!

have got some lovely things to post so fingers crossed I'll find a minute or two to sift through all the images and put some posts together! we're off to cambridge tonight for a gig which will be fun.. think we might enjoy a cheeky burger before the event as well.. I might have to had a cheeky nap in the car on the way down there - I'm sure the boy won't mind..

Happy monday and catch ya later!


lovely and local

theses are photos from the boy's and my trip to a local farmers market a week ago at creake abbey.. we spent a lovely morning walking around the stalls trying and buying lots of yummy local produce including macaroons, cordials, apple juice and sushi.. we arrive a little late and dazed so missed out on a few treats but it's good to know that theres a lovely market just down the road..

next one is a christmas special and I am already way to excited!