it's Friday.. so excited! Still at work at the moment and will be here for a while.. but the time is 7.22 and I'm in my own little world, listening to some tunes, shaking my head, singing a little and re-sizing images!

also have some sugar snap peas keeping me company till we lock up shop and head for the curry house! Friday nights curry night people! woop woop.. have a good one!

listening too : Black light | Groove Armada anyone else LOVE this album?



so am trying to sort out my wedding blog addiction by looking at more interior blogs.. kinda working but can't seem to stop my habit for the old classics - once wed etc.. any other ex bride out there doing the same..? anyway I have found this blog recently which I love the brick house.. beautiful photos, great taste and a cute dog! think we should get dave a sheepskin rug.. looks cosy!

sorry not been around - had some very annoying news at work that has knocked us a bit.. feeling very tired and down - which is how I always feel in January! hey ho after tomorrow could all be over and done with. need to pick up my camera and get lost for a while this weekend.


longing for spring

and maybe a perm! loving these looks.. floral jumpsuit - please can I have you!

images found here on 1883 magazine

having a very fun week this week - with lots of whirling plans going through my mind.. who knows if they'll come about but I'm having a great time thinking about them! back to reality x


should be working..

but I'm shopping instead!

how cute are these little tassel bracelets by a little hamster.. am very tempted by the mustard yellow and dark grey even though they do come in every colour. as the horrid tax man once again is taking all our money I will have to wait a while before I treat myself! hey ho I think they're going to look amazing with a tan so I'll save them till summer! great for friends as well!



the best way to end the day.. expresso + vanilla ice cream = happiness..

early evenings & grey tones

these photos we're taken at 5 ish on our way to see the lambs.. as always got distracted by the textures and colours of the farmyard.. I hate this time of year when it's just wet, dark and missable. love crisp, cold and white but this is just ugly.. so it was quite refreshing to take these pictures to make me look a little bit closer and find some beautiful silhouettes and grey tones. also bumped into my dad who was playing in the dinkiest tractor I have ever seen - so cute! at the moment he's just testing it but by his smile think he could be a little bit smitten!


new life

thought you'd like to see theses.. first church farm lambs born on 07.01.11. the boy and I put our wellies on to walk all of the 300m to the barn where the new family are living and keeping cosy till they're a little bigger and stronger to join the heard back outside. my brother kindly offered me and the boy a hold which we quickly turned down.. lambs don't come out all white, fluffy and clean!

looking forward to them jumping around outside.. even though there's still a while till spring!


I would love to be here:

or here:

i know we've only just come back from having time out - but today I feel like escaping.. and anything would be better than the missable wet muddiness that is Norfolk right now.. Oh how I love mondays!

both images found here:


new years

anyone else out there de christmasing.. 12th night and I'm in a complete haze! bit confused by what day of the week it is - really struggling with the back to work routine.. 8o'clock seems like 5am.. hey ho I'm sure next week i'll be fine again.. all my fault for all those lazy lie ins!

anyway have to get to my sad looking tree that is now naked apart from a few remaining glints of leinetta.

here's new years.. was in a bit of a flap trying to get evereything looking a ok - first time we've had a house party - so kinda forgot about the camera.. managed to find it later on in the evening - not going to lie to you can't remember taking a lot of these pictures! must remember sloe gin is not wine!


church farm christmas

had the boys mum and jono to stay for christmas and my mum very kindly hosted the day for us..

she was amazing! we had a concealed dining room that was decorated with glittered pom poms (recycled from wedding) candles and the most amazing gingerbread house - filled with sweets as well as being decorated with them! we had giant roast turkey with all trimmings followed by 3 pudding 2 homemade - chocolate moose and a charlotte russe and a brought christmas pudding! she really is unstoppable and incredible! thanks mum - and dad your sausages were cooked perfectly!

little jacob enjoyed his first chrimbo dressed as the cutest elf! and apart from the boy being ill the day was wonderful and everything christmas should be..