church farm christmas

had the boys mum and jono to stay for christmas and my mum very kindly hosted the day for us..

she was amazing! we had a concealed dining room that was decorated with glittered pom poms (recycled from wedding) candles and the most amazing gingerbread house - filled with sweets as well as being decorated with them! we had giant roast turkey with all trimmings followed by 3 pudding 2 homemade - chocolate moose and a charlotte russe and a brought christmas pudding! she really is unstoppable and incredible! thanks mum - and dad your sausages were cooked perfectly!

little jacob enjoyed his first chrimbo dressed as the cutest elf! and apart from the boy being ill the day was wonderful and everything christmas should be..


  1. Oh my goodness this looks wonderful - how gorgeous is Jacob?! Well done to your ma for doing all that food (with your pa's help of course). My mum also went nuts at Christmas and put on a homemade feast of button popping proportions!

    After all of my recent over indulgence I feel full just looking at that glass of devoured chocolate mousse...mmm xxx

  2. Oh that is one adorable elf :) Mums are the best and yours seems amazing :) Everything looks so yummy and how cute is your concealed dining room decorated with pom poms?!

  3. I love the cute, elf - he's such a happy looking chappie.
    We have an elf tradition in our home which starts on the 1st of December until Santa's visit on Christmas Eve, which might be of interest.
    Everyone who I've told this story to and who has someone young in the family, or not but just loves the magic of christmas, always adopts it to include into their own traditions.
    I hope you like it too.