festive catch up..

hello.. oh I feel like I've been away for months.. for some reason during the festive period I didn't have the energy to pick up my camera let alone turn my computer on.. I have been ignoring emails - shopping in shops and not browsing online - talking and playing with real life people, driving cross country and eating a lot!

Hope you all had a really lovely Christmas!

Back to the big wide world tomorrow - our house has been a wee bit of a BB this Christmas - we've just dropped off our lovely friends at the train station after a weekend of recovering from new years and the boy and I are on our own drinking coffee and enjoying the last day of nothing before we go to work tomorrow! so this christmas we've:

finished tiling - well almost!

had a wonderful Christmas in Norfolk, Oxford and Bath - apart from the boy being very poorly!

been spoiled rotten

had to instal a new bath due to old one incurring a large hole on boxing day! managed to get a free one though which was amazing! few scratches on it so was apparently dead stock! boy and dad fitted it before New Years and am once again so impressed with their fix it skills.. amazing!

have been lying in far to long and staying up far to late

and hosted New Years!

More to come on all the above  - apart from forgetting to photograph the bath! here's a few from pre christmas.. Christmas day I forgot my camera! can you believe it! did take a few with dads camera so i'll see what they're like tomorrow! ohh so don't want to go back to reality.. also Christmas cards below are by Alison Hardcastle - we brought them for all our loved ones this year and they were so beautiful I didn't want to give them away..


  1. I love that you used your wedding hearts as tree decorations, so sweet!!

  2. Happy new year Wellies! Great job with all your yuletide achievements!

    But just one thing, how have you not got any tacky Christmas cards? Are you hiding them?!

    Good luck with getting back into the working groove tomorrow. I've worked in between Christmas and the new year and I can safely say it's not as bad as it first seems.

    Lucy x
    ps. your home looks so stylish, love the carpet :)

  3. Oh I adore your tree, the decorations are so sweet with all the felt hearts! Your photos are brilliant! Sounds like you had an adventurous holiday, all the very best for the new year! Natasha xo

  4. Ditto on the wedding hearts as Christmas Decorations! Your tree looks like a page from a decor book! Hope your Holidays were magical!
    Happy New Year