new years

anyone else out there de christmasing.. 12th night and I'm in a complete haze! bit confused by what day of the week it is - really struggling with the back to work routine.. 8o'clock seems like 5am.. hey ho I'm sure next week i'll be fine again.. all my fault for all those lazy lie ins!

anyway have to get to my sad looking tree that is now naked apart from a few remaining glints of leinetta.

here's new years.. was in a bit of a flap trying to get evereything looking a ok - first time we've had a house party - so kinda forgot about the camera.. managed to find it later on in the evening - not going to lie to you can't remember taking a lot of these pictures! must remember sloe gin is not wine!


  1. Yep! I'm still in the Christmas/New-year crossover haze! I don't know what day it is, or what season we're in, what time it is, or anything...and I haven't even consumed any alcohol over the festive period...think it's lack of sleep for me! I love all your festive photos...I want a gingerbread house full of sweets!

  2. Lovely party pics - funny how the later ones are a bit blurry! Cool kitchen - I stumbled across your blog late last year and saw it had been your wedding present. What an excellent present!

  3. I'm with you on the de-christmasing, it's so hard getting back into the regular work routine. I still have loads of wine and eggnog in my fridge so we'll have to extend the festivities for a bit more I think ;)

  4. oh Natasha good plan.. I have to say I'm all set for another house party with what we've got left over! But there is some mulled wine left in the cupboard.. once more for old time sake me thinks!

  5. hi, found you via 11.54 blog. My haze could be down to trying to finish off all my left over Baileys, it's a tough job but it is bad luck to still have Christmas drinks around after January! (ok so it's not but I couldn't have it cluttering up the kitchen could I):S
    Love your kitchen by the way and your dog what a cutie!
    sarah x

  6. Your place is looking great! Happy New Year!