should be working..

but I'm shopping instead!

how cute are these little tassel bracelets by a little hamster.. am very tempted by the mustard yellow and dark grey even though they do come in every colour. as the horrid tax man once again is taking all our money I will have to wait a while before I treat myself! hey ho I think they're going to look amazing with a tan so I'll save them till summer! great for friends as well!


  1. Lovely and delicate. Oh how that healthy glow makes everything look better!

  2. Oh, they're ADORABLE! They're so beautiful and delicate, absolutely delightful. I'm bookmarking this shop! ♡

  3. Wow, I have just discovered your blog and fallen in love with it. What an enchanting read! I was hoping to pick your brains about a few wedding bits, I hope you don't mind, mainly about the white lanterns you used in the marquee and how you lit them. We are having our reception in an old barn and we would really love lit lanterns but no idea about sourcing them and lighting them up! xxx

  4. Ok nobodies said it yet so I'm going for it.


    There x

  5. Very pretty! Bring on the tanned arms and simple jewellery of summer!