double take

how amazing are these.. Irina Werning has been recreating old photographs in a project called back to the future.. these are a few that caught my eye but go and look at the rest on her website as there's lots more..

All Photographs © Irina Werning

I'm thinking of recreating this photo this summer..

one I get to wear a tutu and two it's always been a favourite! What photo would you want to relive..?



so this week I feel like a boiling kettle thats about to explode.. why is everything so stressful! I think the boy already has exploded as he's so stressed - so tricky managing time and trying to keep all customers happy.. hey ho these things happen! Bring on the weekend - London baby! woop woop only for the day but I can almost see the mud free pavements, people and shops ahead of me.. sigh!

right back to work.. I took theses a couple of weeks ago whilst waiting for Dave to finish hunting.. rust!



pleated blue skirt with metallic silver bow tie shirt.. please.....

images from here

night alone

so this weekend I had a night all on my own..

made the most of it with red wine, popcorn and the Graduate - which so happens to be a exceptional film  that I have always wanted to watch and never got round to it.. as you can see Dave got a little fed up with me as I may have drunk a little more of the wine than was necessary.. hey ho feeling good after a very lazy weekend..


wellies and vogue

quite literally! loving this editorial for the January issue of Vogue Italia.. I wish I was there playing as well.. hey ho I'll have to play on my own - least I have the wellies.. just need the couture!

photography by: Ellen von Unwerth
images found here



so today the boy and I had a meeting here.. can you believe this is someones house! hopefully we'll get to do them a beautiful website and then I'll be able to show you how incredible this place is inside and out - don't take just my word for it the fabulous Tim Walker agrees!

we didn't get a tour - booo - but I had a glimpse at the most incredible summer room - glass house - conservatory - whats it called! and if I got to play in there this is totally what I would be wearing.. how beautiful..

big sigh.. as I'm refusing to buy anything till I've lost some weight I can't commit to a custom floral backless dress - but oh I am so tempted.. please check out the beautiful and crazy talented Kelsey Genna boutique.. all images off her website here.


6 months

so this weekend the boy and I were told that our 6 month wedding anniversary falls on valentines day! as i'm useless with dates this is not something I had previously worked out.. but it seems to have a nice romantic twist to it! as the boy looked at me the other day and went, "we not doing valentines are we.." i'm not expecting anything though.. can't complain as I did have a lovely weekend and today the sun is shining and the sky is perfectly blue.. lush! here's some piccies from my weekend..

hope pip got my little giveaway package today.. had so much fun wrapping it up and getting it all ready!

wooo hoooo Bedlam!

hey - anyone else out there watching the Baftas last night.. I found myself crying a lot! just wanted to give a little shout out to one of our clients Bedlam Production who's film, The Kings Speech cleaned up last night! we did a website for them last year and when I saw that picture of that amazing wall with Colin Firth in front of it, new that it was going to be one to watch..

so Congratulations to all the Guys at Bedlam - especially Sam! woop woop

also totally want these three dresses...

images from here:



so once again mum has out done herself in the cake department! tiered colourful sponge with amazing chocolate icing! All still in honour of the wedding - non of us are over it yet! some really special presents including a hand made T and an incredible coat!

must run as we're running late! Off out to dinner with a few friends.. but hopefully the pictures say it all - even though editing time was limited! x