double take

how amazing are these.. Irina Werning has been recreating old photographs in a project called back to the future.. these are a few that caught my eye but go and look at the rest on her website as there's lots more..

All Photographs © Irina Werning

I'm thinking of recreating this photo this summer..

one I get to wear a tutu and two it's always been a favourite! What photo would you want to relive..?


  1. I absoultely love this idea. What a great way to mark the passage of time. I am heading to my folks place next weekend and intend to trawl through some old family shockers for a perfect one. I wonder if we have one as good as yours!

  2. Those are incredible- especially the top one. And fancy those gordy fence panels still being around all those years later. I have a few old photos I wouldn't mind recreating- can't wait to see yours x

  3. The wooden panels are on El Caminito in La Boca, Buenos Aires. I was there last month on honeymoon and posed for the exact same photo!!

  4. Oh I'm not so sure about these, something about some of them freaks me out a bit.
    Why do you need an excuse to wear a tutu?

  5. Something not right about that third picture!;D
    I wouldn't recreate any of mine, I was a cute looking kid, 30++years later not so cute!
    Great photos on your previous post by the way hun. Have a great weekend!

  6. gooooooood idea you1 i saw these photos and wanted to do the same thing! they are incredible. i like that even the light is the same in most of them. xx oo

  7. What a fantastic idea. I really enjoyed them although as fen and ned said I don't think I'll be featuring in any I do. Soft focus would need to be heavily involved. The trouble is how to persuade anyone else to do it. We've been travelling for 22 years so the location might be difficult too, and some I certainly wouldn't want to revisit.
    As to the tutu - just go for it. Life's for living and having fun! don't forget to post the pics if you do...hehe ;-)
    I once wore a bright red tutu, for Halloween dressed as a devil and had a brilliant night. With stilleto's, cape, horns, tail and a trident. It was a few years back but I still have the costume...hmmm....just thinking about the revisiting idea....Nah! I've just got the updated vision imprinted on my mind now. That's enough :-(

  8. i love these, they're wonderful. now i'm thinking about what i could recreate - something in enormous green sunglasses i imagine. i was always wearing enormous green sunglasses.

  9. this is amazing! love it xxx