so today the boy and I had a meeting here.. can you believe this is someones house! hopefully we'll get to do them a beautiful website and then I'll be able to show you how incredible this place is inside and out - don't take just my word for it the fabulous Tim Walker agrees!

we didn't get a tour - booo - but I had a glimpse at the most incredible summer room - glass house - conservatory - whats it called! and if I got to play in there this is totally what I would be wearing.. how beautiful..

big sigh.. as I'm refusing to buy anything till I've lost some weight I can't commit to a custom floral backless dress - but oh I am so tempted.. please check out the beautiful and crazy talented Kelsey Genna boutique.. all images off her website here.


  1. Looks fabulous! Now, off to see some more of those florals...x

  2. Congratulations on the commission!

    I am in love with the Begonia dress!

  3. Go on treat yourself to the frock, I can't believe for one minute that you need to diet! You can wear it when you go back to that stunning house and play in the whats it called! Yes if you insist, I'll borrow the dress too!;D

  4. Oh those dresses...oh that HOUSE! Thanks for letting me daydream today.


  5. Oh god, I adore that second dress! Eeek... dare I click on the link and see how much it costs??

  6. I love these clothes and want all of them to appear in my wardrobe...one can dream.

    Thanks for brightening up my day.


  7. What a beautiful photo shoot - love those colours!
    What a fairytale house too and yes to what Fen and Ned said! - you must buy the dress to wear to the house etc

  8. Love every outfit, especially that big flowered belt! Can't wait to see the Website and the interior of that breathtaking home.
    Natasha xo

  9. I've just found your blog, and instantly recognised the gorgeous frocks as they are from New Zealand - like me!