28th march

so had a lush day for the boys birthday..

we are so so busy at work and everyday the Boys to do list is just growing and growing.. but we had a rare moment of - f**k it - lets take the afternoon off and go to Cambridge.. had such a good time - got the train at 3 and we're in the centre shopping by 4.. I got a lush new dress from Zara and the boy a jumper from Reiss.. we then finished off the day at Jamies Italian - something we know well from Bath - so it was good to experience it in a different city..  we know the menu and waiting formula but as we got there really early chose to chill out in the bar for a while before committing to dinner.. luckily as it was monday and still early - 7ish - we didn't need to wait for a table and had a delicious feast.. as good as Bath easily! it's so relaxed and yummy in there - we enjoyed our beers and yummy wine and managed to get the 9 o'clock train home..

these photos are taken from lunch - which was a feast of potato cakes with smoked salmon and philli followed by giant carrot and banana cake and tea - so yum! Jake was on fine form with his new waving skills and we also gave him a little lemon to try for the first time.. such a fun game!

and look what we - the boy - got! eeeeeeekkk a kerry special - going to get this bad boy framed then popping him up in the kitchen! wow ho very exciting!
Check out Kerrys blog here and shop here - well worth a look if you've not been there before!


  1. Sounds like a perfect day...and that cake looks delicious, I could do with a piece now. x

  2. Sounds like a fab day, happy birthday to your monsieur! That basil looks gorgeous, great photos as usual.
    Is Jamie's Italian, Jamie Oliver's resto?

  3. yep - It's a chain of Restaurants he's opened - they make all their own pastas and bread and have set menus using local produce. I think it's great, really well/fairly priced with delicious wines and menu! I also like the fact you can turn up all dressed up for dinner and have a romantic evening or turn up in jeans and hoodies after you've been shopping and feel equally as comfortable!

  4. Sounds awesome. I'm adding eating at this resto to my list of things to do when I visit England one day :)

  5. Hello, just come across your lovely blog. I have that very drop print... it's in our family room over the sideboard and it's bloooody LUSH! Love your photography.. just got myself a cuppa and going to have a good read. Lou x